Full Farmhouse Tour, Styling Thrifted Decorations

Full Farmhouse Tour, Styling Thrifted Decorations

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Today we’re taking a tour of our farmhouse to see if I met the goal I made when we purchased it years ago: To style our home with at least 90% DIY and thrifted items.

Being that this is the first post of the month, you probably already know that it’s going to be focused on Styling Thrifted Decorations – but for some extra fun today, I thought we’d tour the whole house!

My Behind the Scenes Design School Is Open!

Before I get started today, I also want to let you know that my Behind the Scenes design school is currently open for new members! We’ve only got a few days left, but if you want to come join us, you can REGISTER here now!

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The origin of my 90% Goal:

When we purchased this home years ago, being that I was an interior designer and my husband was a contractor, and that our history was in remodeling and painting, we knew that this home was going to be our playground.

We wanted to do most of the work ourselves, and I decided then that I also wanted to style the home with mostly DIY and thrifted decor. I chose a number, 90%, but over the years, I never actually stepped back to quantify if I had met my goal or not.

So we’re doing that together today!

Back in February of 2020 I did a full home tour video & blog post, but since then we’ve made a lot of changes, with some more in the works! Instead of recording a new tour for this post, I decided to share some older images from last year’s tour, because when I do my next full tour, it will include full reveals of all the new spaces, which I can’t wait to share with you!

I’m going to share each room, and then a list of the items that HAVE been DIY or thrifted and help me meet my 90% goal, and then another list of the items I purchased new.

Also, if you prefer watching the video footage to see more of the space, you can view it on YouTube HERE!

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

Let’s Get Started with our Farmhouse Tour for Thrifted & DIY Items!

Our Living Room |

Thrifted & DIY Items In our Livingroom:

Purchased New:

  • IKEA Sofa (How to choose a vintage style sofa)
  • Some Wall Decor from IKEA
  • Rug
  • Paperwhite Tulips from Joanns
  • Chandelier from Home Depot
  • Green Pillows & White Blanket from IKEA

Toy Closet |

DIY & Thrifted Items in our Toy Closet:

Purchased New:

  • Sheep Picture -Kirkland’s
  • Grey Boxes – IKEA
  • Wire Basket – Container Store
Pantry Makeover by sheholdsdearly.com

Fireside Room |

DIY & Thrifted Items in our Fireside Room:

Purchased New:

  • Butterfly Picture – IKEA
  • Cloche – Amazon
  • Rug – World Market
  • Dog Bed Frame – Hayneedle
  • White Curtains – IKEA
  • Round Grey Mirror – Michaels
  • Pillow – Kirkland
  • Wooden Patio Chairs – IKEA
  • Faux Plants – IKEA

Kitchen |

DIY & Thrifted Items in our Kitchen:

Purchased New:


Powder Room |

DIY & Thrifted Items in our Powder Room:

  • Reveal Post
  • Doorknob, faucet & Sconces – 2nd hand from Ebay
  • Eastlake Dresser – Craigslist
  • Pub mirror, Clocks, Bamboo Table, basket & containers – Thrifted


  • Fern & plants – IKEA
  • Hooks – Hobby Lobby
  • Towels – Vera Wang from TJ Maxx.

Stairway & Upstairs Hall |

DIY & Thrifted Items in our Stairway & Hall:


  • Bar cart – Target
  • Ikea Plants

My Girls’ Room |

Thrifted & DIY Items in my Girls’ Rooms:




If you’ve been following the blog you know we’ve already fully changed these spaces!

My Son’s Room |

Reveal Post

DIY & Thrifted Items:


  • Map – Hobby Lobby
  • Lamp – IKEA
  • Plants – IKEA

Master Bathroom |

Reveal Post

Thrifted & DIY Items:

  • Tub
  • Shower Curtain
  • Shower – 2nd hand from ebay


  • Hooks & Towels – World Market
  • Home Depot Light Fixture
  • Joanns – Tub mat

Master Bedroom |

DIY & Thrifted Items in our Master Bedroom:


  • Metal Bed – Wayfair
  • Wall Decor, Bedding & Curtains – IKEA
  • Accent pillows & basket & Rugs – Target
  • Florals – Joanns

Did I Meet my Goal?

I did it! I would say I hit 90%! I think of this as a huge life accomplishment, and I’m so glad I got to share this thrifted farmhouse tour with you!

I love that this can help prove and inspire that it CAN be done!

Don’t get discouraged if you’re just starting out and have a goal of your own!

Let me know in the comments below what % you would say you currently have of thrifted or DIY projects, and what % you’re shooting for!

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