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Spring Bedroom | Room Refresh

There’s nothing like welcoming Spring with a bedroom room refresh! It’s one of my favorite ways to usher in a new season.

If you’re a seasonal decorator, you’ll already know this truth, and if you’re not yet… be careful, because this might sway you!

Seasonal decorating is one of the best excuses to redecorate your favorite parts of your home four times a year with small, inexpensive changes & decorations.

And if that isn’t reason enough, I’ve also noticed a positive change in the level of joy my family shares when I’ve taken the time to swap out seasonal decorations and celebrate holidays together. It takes “old” or common decor and makes it feel new and exciting.

I also think it’s one of the best times to branch out with the colors that I use in my spaces. I’m already leaning into more color throughout my house, but this is still an opportunity to bring in colors I might not want to have around all year, but are fun for their specific season.

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Lastly, I think seasonal decor can be a fun way to dabble in the trends that are popular right now! I’ve shared before that I would rather follow trends with smaller items and accents, and stay away from trendy items in my more expensive hard furnishings.

Incorporating smaller trendy aspects also helps me to enjoy the art form of interior design.

Now that I’ve shared some of my why, I’ll share how I went about refreshing our bedroom for Spring.

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

Spring Bedroom Refresh

First things first, I always look through my own stash of seasonal decorations (click here to see how I keep them organized!) and pull out items that I think might work for the colors and themes I’m inspired by.

Here are some of the items I grabbed from my stash and ended up using around the room:

  • Butterfly Print – Purchased from IKEA, but no longer in stock.
  • Velveteen Rabbit Sign – This was a DIY from a few years back, full tutorial HERE.
  • Painted thrifted frame & Grazing Sheep picture from Etsy
  • Silver Bowl
  • Terrarium
  • $2 olive tree topiary from a garage sale. (Here’s a DIY Olive Topiary I did a few years ago if you want to make your own!)
  • $50 Rocking Chair from a thrift store (I recovered this last Spring and shared all about that HERE.)
  • Thrifted Candlesticks
  • Green Blanket from Amazon

DIY Projects:

I also decided on do two DIY projects!

One, I shared about last week in my cute new grey pleated lampshade tutorial.

The other was to make a long lumbar pillow using some leftover green velvet fabric that I had in my stash. I followed my basic process for making a pillowcover with a zipper which is a great process for a beginner sewer, if you’re wanting to dip your toes into the water.

And top secret… don’t tell anyone else, but there’s NOT a lumbar pillow form in there. It’s (2) 16×26″ pillows laying side by side! It’s nice to use something I already have on hand whenever possible!

Spring Bedroom Refresh Styling

Our Bed:

We’re still loving our black iron bed frame, and it goes on sale often, so keep your eye out for it if you’re in the market!

Our fun soft sage green sheets are from Brooklinen, and I share more about them over on the Vlog!

Bonus: How to Order Sheets:

As a mini-lesson, when you’re searching for new sheets, you want to look for them to be percale, which means they are a true basketweave; they haven’t skimped on how they’re woven. You also want them to have a thread count of between 270-290. This is the number of threads in 1 square inch of woven material.

If you see someone advertising a thread count higher than 290, they’re doing a kind of deceptive counting that looks at the frays of the thread and not the threads themselves.

270-290 is a good quality sheet that should be buttery soft and last a long time.

Here are a few of the most asked questions about this room!

  • The curtain panels are from Amazon.
  • I have a little formula for my bed pillows that I share all about HERE.
  • I painted and embellished my chandelier and shared the tutorial in this post: Brass to Faux Raw Wood Chandelier
  • I added the leather straps on my wicker trunks (tutorial HERE) to give it a more vintage look.

Night Stands:

I used some fresh flowers to refresh both of our mismatched nightstands.

On one side I placed floral foam inside a thrifted silver bowl and then placed fresh stock stems into the foam. The whole bowl and flowers went inside this fun terrarium I thrifted. The glass was broken a while back, but I don’t even miss it! The frame gives some great visual interest as it is.

I hung my velveteen rabbit sign on the wall nearby.

On the other side of the bed, I added some bright white tulips in a vintage vase.

I love the contrast of the white flowers against our black lamp shades.

The last area I decorated was our mantle and sitting area.

On top of the mantle I spread some of the remaining green velvet as a soft runner.

Then I added my thrifted frame with the cute sheep print from Etsy, some faux robin’s nests, and my thrifted candlesticks.

I previously changed the finish on these pewter candlesticks using Rub n Buff in the “Antique Gold” color. (Here’s a tutorial on using Rub N Buff if you aren’t familiar with how it works!)

Another quick tip, if your candles are not standing up straight in your candlesticks, I shared a great little hack for straightening them out over on YouTube.

Next to the fireplace I added in my thrifted rocking chair with the recovered cushions from last year, added my cute striped ticking lumbar pillow and a thrifted lace remnant over the arm.

On the wall near the rocking chair, I added the framed butterfly print.

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And that’s the spring bedroom refresh for this year! It’s been so pleasant walking into this room each day since completing this refresh.

I’ll take all the hints of spring as we wait for the weather to start cooperating!

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