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How to Fill an Easter Basket Without Candy

  An Easter Basket without candy… I realize I probably ticked off just about every kid in America with that idea; but we don’t have to tell them that we talked about this.

I remember one Easter when I was four, my grandma sent over the coveted Easter baskets and my twin brother received an entire bag of jelly beans all for himself! He pretty much thought he had struck gold and was pouring them into his Tonka truck, whooping and cheering loudly, throwing them in the air with rapturous joy and finally, rolling in them. This went on all afternoon.

That was the first time I remember thinking maybe there was such a thing as too much sugar.

Traditional, Sugar Free, Non-candy, Classic, Vintage Easter gifts for children


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With my own kids I have worked really hard at trying to limit sugar intake, but it still appears out of thin air everytime I turn around.  Let’s just say, I have no fear of there being any deprivation going on over here.

All that to say, holidays can be especially sugar filled, as we all know. But, a little forethought and careful shopping can be much appreciated by mothers of small children everywhere.

To get your creative juices flowing I have compiled a collection of non-sugar Easter gift ideas below.

Click on the images below for more information.

Non-Candy Easter Gifts

  1. Knit Bunny Hat (The exact hat pictured above is out of stock, but here are some similar options).
  2. Peter Rabbit Organic Snack Pouches
  3. Sunflower in a Bag” Kits from Etsy.
  4. Wooden Animal Toys
  5. Peony Headbands
  6. Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy
  7. Little Boy’s Oxford Dress Shirts
  8. Wooden Toy Eggs
  9. Felted Lamb Toy
  10. Personalized Necklace
  11. Girl’s Lace Cuff Socks
  12. Velveteen Rabbit Book
  13. Flower Seeds
  14. Wooden Rabbit Pull Toy

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