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How to Put Together Vintage Style Easter Baskets

It’s time to start planning your Easter Baskets for this year! I’ve got 7 sweet vintage ideas for you!

For those of us who love vintage style, it can be hard to find gifts, like Easter baskets that fit the look we’re going for at retail stores. The good news is that they’re easy and fun to put together yourself!

And by gathering your own items and styling them yourself, you get the perfect vintage style result without all the cheap, over-sugared, brightly colored plastics. (I know you know what I mean!)

Follow along as I share my finds and put together three sweet baskets:

  • One for a baby
  • One for a young boy
  • & One for a young girl.

If you’re creating baskets for older children, you can still take the following concepts and simply mature them with more grown up options suitable for the specific age of your recipient!

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

7 Tips for Vintage Easter Baskets:

Number One | Containers

Just about every good vintage style gift starts with a good container, and Easter baskets are no exception!

This is a great opportunity to hit your local thrift stores and open your mind to some new and fun possibilities.

For older children you might find a metal tool box, or maybe a pretty glass mixing bowl for a baking theme basket.

I found this cute white wooden bunny bucket on PoshMark, which, if you haven’t heard of it before is an online resale website! I have been enjoying looking for vintage and name brand decor there.

I’ll be using it for the baby’s basket!

The little boy’s basket is a tiny apple bushel basket I found at Value Village for $3. And the little girl’s basket was a $3.99 thrift store find. It’s really well made with a wooden bottom, and it reminds me of a cute garden basket.

Tip: Remember to look for a basket slightly smaller than you think you might need. It’s better to have a basket that you can easily fill than to end up with a too-big basket that you’re having to spend $100 on to fill it up!

Number Two | Filler

I grabbed a simple bag of classic paper Easter grass in a less saturated color scheme to use for my baskets.

If you want to go for a really sweet touch, you can actually grow your own grass to fill your basket!

Line your basket of choice with a plastic bag to protect it, and fill it with dirt and top with grass seed. It will take about 2 weeks to sprout into a bed of soft fluffy green grass, so you need to make sure to plan ahead, but it is SUCH a fun touch!

I’ve used this trick for my Easter table centerpieces before and it’s been a real crowd-pleaser.

Tip: If the container you find is deeper than you need for your presents, you can fill the lower half up with plain shredded kraft paper to keep plenty of your colorful grass available for the top of the basket!

Number Three | Vintage Toys / Something to Play With

You can’t go wrong with a cute stuffed animal or animal figurine for your Easter baskets.

For my little boy basket, I found this adorable plush frog, and for the baby basket, a precious rubber duckling.

I am personally not a fan of more cartoon-like animals, so I always enjoy finding more realistic options like Schleich animals, or the “Toobs” which are collections of small animals with themes like, safari, Farm or Under the Sea. Holztiger Animals are a great option for anyone who prefers wood over plastic.

I was really excited to find a $40 box crammed full of vintage kid’s play dishes last year and I knew a few of those pieces would make a great addition to my girl’s basket. You can find similar vintage play dishes on Etsy!

Another cute find on Etsy is their assortment of wooden play food and wooden vegetables. There are also fun and educational supplements like these vegetable memory cards.

Number Four | Clothing / Something to Wear

I always love adding in something to wear to my Easter baskets when I can! Thrift stores are great for finding clothing, especially for children since they don’t wear things for long! Once you get into the habit of finding pieces for $1-2 each, it can ruin you from wanting to buy brand new!

For my baby basket, I found the cutest pair of bunny slippers for $2.99. I removed them from the value village bag and stuffed them full of some white tissue to help them hold their shape.

For the little girl basket I purchased a pair of pretty cable knit tights and tied them off with a lovely ribbon.

For the boy basket, I found a basically new boy’s dress shirt in a nice shade of blue.

When buying things like used clothing from a thrift store for a gift, I think it pays to make sure that it’s immaculately clean, ironed, and presented in a nice way! For the boys shirt after washing and ironing it, I decided to roll it up and then taped the back together to keep it looking nice until it is opened.

Number Five | Food / Something to Eat

I know commercial Easter baskets can go way over the top with the sugary snacks, which is one of the reasons I love creating my own baskets – they’re so much easier to modify and adjust for your particular child or recipient.

For the little boy’s basket I found an adorable carrot mesh bag at the dollar tree and added a few chocolates. Then I made some mini carrot cake muffins and left them unfrosted as a simple and less sugary treat. They look great in a clear bag tied with some ribbon.

For the baby basket I added a sweet little Peter Rabbit organic snack pouch.

Another fun option are homemade chocolate lollipops! I created some and shared a tutorial two years ago in my 10 Simple at Home Easter Ideas blog post.

Number Six | Educational Item

If you’ve still got space in your basket after the other items, I recommend looking for something educational or something to do!

In my girl basket I added a package of “Bunny Tail” seeds from Botanical Interest. These not only have a fun on-theme name for Easter, but I think they’ll be a lot of fun to plant and harvest!

I also included some cute Peter Rabbit cupcake picks I found on Etsy. These will be fun for a little girl to use in a future baking project.

For the little boy basket I found an old copy of the first Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit book. I especially loved this one because the blue shirt that is in the basket matches the blue coat that Peter wears!

For the baby basket I included a pretty silver rattle that I found at a thrift store.

Number Seven | Christian or Sentimental Gift

I love adding a little personalized touch to gifts when I can. In this instance it could be either a special additional gift piece or something related to the real meaning of Easter.

For my girl basket I chose a dainty cross necklace with a pretty gem stone at the clasp. I wrapped this up in it’s own little box and included it in the basket.

For the baby basket, you could include something like a pretty keepsake silver baby cup. Sometimes you can find these at thrift stores, and often you can take them to be engraved and personalized!

The last touch I added on my baby basket was this adorable printed duckling gift tag from my friend, Amanda at Sincerely, Marie Designs!

I hope these ideas fill you with inspiration as you work on filling your own baskets! May they be sweet and full of love, rather than sugar!

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