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The home office has become quite the staple in a lot of homes throughout the course of 2020.

Ours is no different!

I’ve been running the blog and homeschooling from home for the past years, but it’s only since earlier this year that my husband has also found himself in need of some home office space.

We’ve been making due on temporary (i.e. NOT CUTE) tables since March, but it was time for an official office space!

I shared a few months back some of my inspiration for the area in my blog post, 5 Home Office Must Haves and was originally planning to tuck a desk in next to our fireplace in this corner.

But, as is so common in design, things took on a mind of their own and plans changed!

Instead, we decided to convert the back end alcove, which has been our master bedroom sitting area into his office space.

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I’ve shared before how this room used to be two smaller rooms, and once again, I’m glad that we’re able to use that to our advantage to have the space we need to make this work without feeling cramped.

Our New Home Office:

I knew I wanted this space to feel cohesive with the rest of our room, while also being masculine and functional (which should probably go first, but I know you get me, the design is important, too!).

I created a design or “mood board” and shared how you can do that same process in your own space – and I’m pleased that overall, the finished look looks very similar to the board I had curated!

Here’s the design board:

Farmhouse Office Chair by

And here’s the reveal!

Simple Farmhouse Home Office by

I do have to laugh, though, that sometimes my proportions get a little wonky when working in the design program. This was no exception – specifically as it relates to the football art print.

| Click HERE if you’d like to learn how to make your own design board! |

Farmhouse Style Computer Desk by

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What went in to our Home Office:

Here are the details about each of the pieces!

The desk is our DIY Faux Concrete Table Top that we made last month from a dilapidated table that had sat on our porch for years!

Farmhouse Home Office Decor by

If you’re not up for a faux concrete project just yet, here is a similar version you can purchase – just know it’s quite a bit more expensive than the DIY version…

The chair is the Natick Fabric Seat with Cane back from Target’s Threshold brand.

Farmhouse Office Wall Decor by

For wall decor, I found this great football patent office print! I love patent prints – especially for more masculine decor, and you can find patents for almost any hobby or interest!

It’s nice to be able to customize your details for the specific person you’re designing for!

Small Farmhouse Office by

The cute “Office” sign above the football print was from Etsy. Although I searched for “cast iron” and thought that is what this would be made out of – it was actually wooden! And I thought the letters were gold, but they were raw/light wood.

BUT even with those small details being different than I had planned, it worked out well!

I actually did choose to gild the letters in gold to get closer to the look I was originally going for.

If you’ve never gilded anything before, it’s actually a really simple process!

You paint a thin layer of “size” (a special type of glue that gets really tacky) onto your piece, in this case I used a small brush and just covered the faces of the letters. Then you lay down the gold leaf and gently brush away the excess gold.

Quick and simple – but with big impact!

On top of the desk:

I added a faux fern for greenery – one of my signatures!

The lamp is the BAROMETER from IKEA. I’ve used this same style of lamp a few times already in our house! In my Son’s bedroom, and in my own closet office.

DIY Farmhouse Office Ideas by

The gold office set I got to hold my husband’s office supplies is from Anthropologie – but once I received it, I realized it would actually be really easy to DIY!

Farmhouse Office Desk by

If any of you try a DIY version, please make sure to let me know! I can see it being done with cut pipes glued onto a wooden base and spray painted gold!

Under the Desk:

Our blue distressed rug I had already is called called the Metis Evoke Floral Area Rug by Safavieh. It isn’t available online at Target anymore, but this one is similar.

My original plan included a wire basket for additional storage under the desk, but I’ve changed my mind and have decided I’d prefer something enclosed to keep things a bit more contained and hidden (in the case of spare wires and things of that nature!).

I think I’ll get something similar to this black storage box.

And that’s the home office summary!

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If you’d like to shop any of these items you can do so here:

A Look around our Room:

Here are some related posts that show some of the projects we’ve been working on in this room over the past year!

We’re getting close to being finished in here, and I’m excited to do a final reveal once we’re done!

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Farmhouse Home Office Reveal by

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