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10 High Quality DIY Gift Ideas

Let’s explore some DIY Gift Ideas since November is just around the corner!

November starts next week, and it seemed like a good time to share some gift ideas ahead of the Holiday season!

This is the time to start planning for DIY gifts, since while they can be done inexpensively, they often require a bit more planning and gathering of supplies!

I’m hoping that by sharing this now, that you’ll have plenty of time to think of who you’d like to gift to, what you’d like to gift, and then the specifics relating to supplies needed.

All with enough time that you can complete the goals that you’ll probably have started thinking about by the end of this post!

I’ve shared these gift ideas before, and will be linking the tutorials where applicable, but for this gift guide I’m bringing them all together in a collection as a quick reference!

I also have two other great quick references that you can peruse if you need more inspiration:

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

Who are these gifts for?

These gifts are great for a range of different recipients! Some of my favorite ways to gift these items are:

  • Hostess gifts
  • For my girlfriends
  • To my Neighbors
  • To Teachers
  • For Co-workers

For the most part, they work for anyone that you might not need to get a super personalized or specifically requested item, or as one piece of a larger assembled gift!

Depending on the supplies you have available at home, most of these DIY gift ideas can be created for less than $10!

Shall we jump in and get started?

Gift Idea Number One | Apple Pie Filling

Apple Pie Filling Video on YouTube
Apple Pie Filling Blog Post

As far as seasonal gifts go, there’s really not one more appropriate (or delicious) than canned apple pie filling!

Following this recipe yields 7 quart jars of filling, which is enough to make 7 pies!

The beauty of this tasty gift is that it’s also versatile! I have friends who have told me they love to eat it plain like applesauce, and others who prefer to use it to top ice-cream.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with this one! Tie a cute ribbon, homemade tag, and a festive bell around the neck of the jar and viola – your gift is ready to go!

As a note, because these jars are sealed during the canning process, they’re shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated!

Canned Apple Pie Filling
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Gift Idea Number Two | “Gather” Garland

This DIY garland is another really festive fall gift idea, perfect as a hostess gift for whoever holds Thanksgiving at their house!

I made mine a few years ago, and to this day it’s one of my favorite fall items to pull out and display each year.

There’s just something so charming about the combination of the oak leaves and the sparkling letters!

Gift Idea Number Three | Hoop Wreaths

I made these hoop wreaths last year as part of my Styling Thrifted Decorations Christmas tour, and just love how they turned out!

These are especially cute if you can find a toy or figurine that is sentimental to the family or person you’re gifting to. We found a small plastic dog that looks like our dog, Kiera that became my absolute favorite wreath because it reminds me of her.

Otherwise, all you need is a hoop, some faux greenery, bottle brush trees, and sweet striped ribbon.

Two of my favorite parts about this DIY is that it comes together really quickly, and most of the items can be found at the dollar store or while thrifting! Given that it’s also easy to personalize for the recipient specifically, it’s an all around winner in my book!

DIY Gift Idea Number Four | Pom Pom Garland

This DIY is great for Christmas or Winter gifting, but can also work for birthdays and other occasions by swapping out the color of yarn you chose to use!

For winter, I love using white to give the pom poms a snow ball feel!

I linked my favorite creamy white yarn in the tutorial above, but you can use any yarn you might have around already, or that you find on sale!

Longer garlands can be used for windows or for trimming trees, and shorter ones can be used to add some festivity on picture frames and other standard household items.

DIY Gift Idea Number Five | Bee Skep

This gift is especially fun in the spring and summer!

Like some of the others I’ve already mentioned, this bee skep comes together very quickly and involves only a small number of supplies, most of which you’ll already have around!

DIY Gift Idea Number Six | Driftwood Sailboat

With some planning and the right supplies, this gift can be easily made extra sentimental. For ours, I created my sailboats with drift wood pieces I gathered from my parent’s beach house, and used hand me down handkerchiefs from my Grandma for the sails.

DIY Gift Idea Number Seven | Joshua 24:15 Sign

This one is a great general home decor item that works for any occasion, but would be especially sweet as a house warming gift!

It’s simple to make and because of the simplicity in the final product it can really fit in anywhere! Ours has spent time on this shelf, near our front door, and by our piano.

DIY Gift Idea Number Eight | Doormat

This is another gift that is perfect for customizing and personalizing, and can work for any occasion.

The first time I made one it was with a group of ladies from church, and it was fun to work together on our projects!

I’ve made two more since then and have realized the possibilities are truly endless!

Gift Idea Number Nine | Bistro Apron

This gift is both great for many occasions, and also perfect for personalizing.

When I made mine, I was able to use a men’s dress shirt I got from a free box at a yard sale, but to make this apron even more special, you can use a dress shirt from a loved one.

Gift Idea Number 10 | Wall Hanging

These wall hangings have the perfect aged charm for any vintage lovers in your family. I love using Cavallini wrapping paper for my posters, but you can also find free maps online that can be customized if you know someone who would enjoy that!

As a bonus, I wanted to share two more of my go-to simple gift ideas!

#1 – Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap – I really love this line, and their hand-soaps are about $7 and come in a variety of great smells, especially their seasonal holiday options!

#2 – At the beginning of the holiday season, Trader Joes (If you have that grocery store in your area) has $10 boxwood wreaths! They’re a great base and can be upgraded with the addition of a pretty ribbon. What I love most about these is that they last for several months! I’ve even had some airdry and then last for upwards of an entire year. They’re a great investment piece.

As you can probably tell, my love language is gift-giving, and I love paying attention, taking notes, and surprising friends and family down the road with something I heard them mention in passing.

If you aren’t familiar with the idea of love languages, you can read this book by Gary Chapman – I’ve found it a pretty helpful reference to understanding what speaks the most to your friends and family.

My guess is that there might be a lot of gift givers in this community, but if you know your love language, let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, Happy Gifting!

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