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How to Style Thrifted Christmas Decorations

Let’s style some thrifted Christmas decorations this month!

Being that this is the first post of the month (can you believe it’s already November), I’m excited to dive straight into some thrifted Christmas decorations to get you excited about what to keep your eye out for while shopping, for your own holiday decor.

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

Canterbury Cottage Collaboration:

Before I get started, I get to share that I’m doing this post in collaboration with my sweet friend Sherry from Canterbury Cottage.

If you don’t already follow her, you’re missing out! Make sure to remedy that quickly.

She’s one of the most resourceful women I know and my mind is continually blown as I see what she can do with a simple scrap of fabric or a thrifted porch light.

She has an amazing ability to see value and potential in regular every day items and it’s really inspiring!

I first learned about her from some of the gals in my Behind the Scenes Decor Group and right at that time she had made a video all about Magnolia dupes (and another one)! She bought about 10 items from magnolia and then recreated them for just a few dollars each!

I was blown away, and have been following her ever since!

She’s a former English teacher, which makes her tutorials flow so naturally, and she not only explains the process well, she also includes what she learned along the way and things she wishes she would have done differently. I love that kind of transparency!

And to be honest, I love her hair, her clothes, and her glasses. You can attribute any changes in my physical appearance directly to “fan-girling” Sherry and her style.

Lastly, she has an antique booth that you can find out more about where she sells some of the items she creates on her amazing YouTube channel, Canterbury Cottage.

I really think you’re going to love her, too!

This Month’s Thrifted Finds:

Now let’s get started on my new finds for this month!

I found this soft nubby white blanket for $5, and already had another at home that I had gotten from IKEA. I just love that they remind me of snow for the winter.

This super soft monogrammed “M” blanket was from a previous thrifted styling decorations video and was a $5 find for a blanket that was originally $80! I love the M because my maiden name is Manchester!

I put these two white blankets together on the sofa and I love the contrast and the combination of the textures.

I found two boxes of these little metal houses, each for $1.80 in the craft aisle at Goodwill. They were originally $5 per 5 box at the Target dollar spot.

These galvanized houses have been quite popular for a while, and they’re almost too trendy for my liking, so instead of leaving them as is, I turned mine into tiny gingerbread houses!

I simply sprayed these with my favorite brown spray-paint, Rustoleum’s 2x “Nutmeg” and then used a white paint pen to add the “iced” detailing.

These would be adorable as actual tree ornaments (and I might still choose to use them for that), but for now, I decided to style them on top of my wrapped presents.

Next, this white and red Starbucks mug!

I spent $5 on this one, which is more than I would usually spend on a single mug, BUT I do love a good Starbucks mug, and this one is heavy and has a great classic look.

I’m even excited about having some more red to incorporate this season, which you know has been a struggle!

My next find was this lovely red, block print upholstery fabric!

It was $2.99 and I had enough to make 2 two-sided square pillows, and have enough left to make 2 additional lumbar pillows.

This block pattern with a simple repeating floral has been really inspiring me recently (you might recognize a similar pattern in my DIY pinch pleat curtains) and I love how rich this red fabric looks, especially considering the price!

I’m loving the pop of red so much that I am thinking I will take apart these pillows I made and remake them with a cheaper fabric on the back of the pillows so that I can have four pillows instead of two!

One of my favorite finds of all was this faux white poinsettia for $3!

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m 100% OK with faux indoor house plants! Not only do they not get thrown away at the end of the season, but they can be used year after year!

Last year I tried sourcing white poinsettias and found faux arrangements similar to this one for $80 and was really frustrated.

This year I’m happy to have found this lovely one.

It came in a cheap plastic wrapping, and was a bit dusty, but giving it a quick wash upside down in my bathtub with some warm water and dish soap, and then swapping it into this basket was all it needed to give it that vintage flair.

You knew this was coming as part of my thrifted Christmas decorations…

I also found some new vintage books!

Each of these three were just $0.50. The red ones might have been even better if they had more interesting spines, but for what they cost they’re still going to be great additions to my collection.

I also found these interesting containers that I turned into candles!

I had two of the gold engraved jars that look like they might be from India, each for only $0.10 but when I attempted to add the candle wax, it started leaking. I’ll have to find a new use for those!

The old tea tin ($0.25) and the old Jelly Jar ($2.00) worked perfectly for new DIY peppermint candles.

To make the candles I melt 1lb of soy wax in a tin tray heated over a water bath until it reaches 160°f (here’s the thermometer I suggest). Carefully mix in 2 ounces of your preferred scent and stir gently to combine.

I used peppermint essential oil, but some other great winter options are freesia, orange and pear.

Once it cools a little bit, pour it into your containers after securing your wick to the base of the candle.

If you don’t have thrifted containers to use, you can also use glass jars or tumblers! I did this project recently with my church’s women’s group and we added a cute caning and reed detail around the outside of the glasses.

These will either be great gifts…OR I might keep them for myself!

Lastly, I found this wreath! I forgot to take a picture of it with the bow that was included, but please take my word for it that it was awful.

I placed this above my new cozy winter window seat, fluffed up all the branches, (a must when you’re bringing any faux greenery out of “storage” and getting it ready for display) and then added a satin ribbon bow of my own.

I just love how Victorian it looks, and how nicely it is going to go with the items already in my collection for the season.

And those are my thrifted Christmas finds for this month!

I hope this inspires and encourages you that with a little thrift shopping, some pillows, a few candles, greenery and DIY gingerbread houses, you too can end up with some festive thrifted Christmas decorations for your own home!

Next month I’m going to spend the whole video sharing some thrifted gift ideas, as well as fun ways to wrap and present your gifts to get the most bang for your buck.

Don’t forget to head over to see Sherry at Canterbury Cottage!

Let her know in the comments that I sent you!

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