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English Cottage Wallpaper Choices – Made Easy for You

If you’re looking for some Wallpaper choices to match your English Cottage Style home – I’ve got a selection of my favorite 20 here to share with you!

As I was brainstorming and designing our bathroom makeover (part 1 & part 2) I ordered quite a few samples, and while I ended up not using any of them in our bathroom due to feeling like it was too small to take on extra patterns, I wanted to share my top favorites with you as inspiration for your own spaces!

You can watch here to see how the bathroom is turning out:

My Top 20 English Cottage Wallpapers:

If you’re new to the idea of English Cottage Style decorating, I have a whole journal post dedicated to the main parts of the style & how to incorporate it into your home.

Number One | Brunschwig & Fils “On Point”

This first wallpaper fits right in with idea of incorporating animals and especially hunting or “hounds” into your decor.

Ivy is also one of the quintessential types of greenery used in this style.

Number Two | Matine Toile

Toile is a specific type of pattern that incorporates a repeating decorative scene on a background of white or off-white – I love that this one makes it feel like you’re looking through the woods onto an old beautiful estate.

Number Three | Raphael Floral

It’s no wonder this is one of Wayfair’s most popular printed wallpapers! Such lovely colors & a large, impactful repeating pattern that can work in a variety of spaces.

Number Four | Fountainebleau – Amande

This pattern is another beautiful repeating print with various colors of leaves on branches.

Number Five | Stag Toile – Chocolat

Another toile, this time in chocolate brown and with a more simple scene.

Number Six | Nocturne by Boråstapeter – Blue

This moody print is darker and higher in contrast than the ones we’ve seen so far. It’s fashioned after the intaglio printing process which gives extra depth and dimension in the foliage.

Number Seven | Emrick by Sandberg – Sage Green

This option is much more neutral and has fruits mixed in with the vining leaves.

Number Eight | Lilacs by Boråstapeter – Taupe

Lilacs are already one of my favorite flowers, so you might have already guessed that they’d be represented here. These white lilacs with green leaves are just beautiful!

Number Nine | Under the Elder Tree by Boråstapeter

I can see a lot of William Morris inspiration in this print! The small woodland creatures in the woods is one of my favorite plays on pattern.

Number Ten | Woodland by Crown – Beige/Gold

This sample involves plants, growing fruits AND woodland creatures – a trifecta! Plus it’s a beautiful neutral beige that could fit a number of applications.

Number Eleven | Chrysanthemum Toile by Morris – Eggshell/Gold

This is a more dramatic version of toile and is based off a William Morris design.

Number Twelve | Giorgio Tree by Albay – Green

This is another option with lots of coordinating greenery in the leaves, but also involves larger spaces of visible branches in nice neutral colorway.

Number Thirteen | In the Oak by Boråstapeter – Green

Oak leaves have a special place in my heart – and eagle eyes might have also seen them in different versions of my logo! This one incorporates beautiful snacking birds and is so precious!

Number Fourteen | Rosenvinge by Boråstapeter – Brown

This one was a real contender when I was considering a wallpaper in our living room! It’s included in my post: Choosing Wallpaper Like A Pro. It’s considered a tutor style with the roses & daisies.

Number Fifteen | Bellfower by Morris – Linen/Cream

This is another one inspired by a William Morris carpet design.

Is it any surprise he’s one of my very favorite designers?! So many beautiful designs.

Number Sixteen | Afton Block Print

I’ve been enjoying block prints (both the style & the process) for the past few years, and this one is no exception – it’s beautifully intricate and mixes some of my favorite colors.

Number Seventeen | Arden

This one feels like the darker, moodier cousin of the block print we just looked at above!

Number Eighteen | Gretta in French Blue

This was one of the most popular contenders in my proposed bathroom wallpaper choices! I do love how subtle and delicate it is!

Number Nineteen | Blomslinga by Boråstapeter

The last floral on our list is another with white blossoms on a green background with greenery. These larger flowers remind me of peonies, which I have growing in our yard and have always loved.

Number Twenty | Alma by Cole & Son

Last, but certainly not least – Alma! This is the one we chose to hang in our Fireside Room – I’ve loved the change of having this beautiful print on the walls in that highly used space that is central to our entire home.

We installed this wallpaper near the beginning of the process to make our home feel more like an English Cottage.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these English Cottage Wallpaper options!

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