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Full Tour of my Styled Front Porch for Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Our front porch Christmas tour is here!

This is actually my first time getting to decorate this porch – which I call our kitchen porch – for Christmas.

If you remember back during the summer we did a blog post for 6 quick porch refresh ideas, and it included a makeover to this same porch to create a more functional and beautiful space where we had previously just kept clutter.

And in the past few months this porch has become a favorite spot for our family to spend time together outside.

I’ve also personally been excited about the prospect of having another space to decorate seasonally!

I think it’s fun to start your seasonal decor changes with your porch – it sets the stage for the decor you’ll use inside!

Rustic Christmas Front Porch Tour by sheholdsdearly.com

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First Things First:

I’m a big proponent of doing a deep clean each time you swap out your seasonal decor. I’ve found that it’s really the 4 times a year I am most motivated to dig in and get those less desirable tasks done.

I think it helps to remember that as soon as I’m done cleaning, I get to start decorating – and what’s more exciting than that?

To prepare for the front porch Christmas tour, I removed all of the previous decor and furniture out to our front yard. (Once I finished with the fun task of putting everything new up, I followed up with putting away the old decor so I could find it next time I needed it. Not as glamorous, but necessary!)

Then I swept, washed linens, cleaned the windows, you name it! Everything needed to give myself a nice blank slate to work with.

Next I “shopped” through my own holiday decor items to pick things that I thought would work well for this space.

I have a whole system with Rubbermaid tote bins and an electronic inventory sheet – but I’ll be sharing more details about that in the coming weeks!

Then I bring everything I want to incorporate to the space I’m working in, and get started!

Front Porch Christmas Tour by sheholdsdearly.com

Start with the Big Stuff:

I always like to place my biggest pieces first as my base to set the stage.

In this case, I decided to reuse the same two wicker chairs. We’ve really come to enjoy having this as a place to sit and visit, so I didn’t want to lose that functionality!

I swapped out the raw wood table for a cute red table that I had found while at a garage sale this summer. Here’s a similar option from online.

Old Home Porch Decorating Ideas by sheholdsdearly.com

Next I added a sled I had gotten a few years back from Craigslist. (Here’s one that is similar.)

I actually placed it strategically next to the door to hide or at least help disguise an unattractive section of our siding that is in need of repair.

(That’s a hot tip for you and a reminder if you ever begin to think that us bloggers have got it all together. We all have bits and pieces of our homes that still need some work and aren’t always picture perfect!)

Holiday Front Porch Tour by sheholdsdearly.com

I added a flocked wreath (similar) over the top of the sled as I started to dig more into the smaller pieces and details.

For the door, I love the contrast of white on our dark blue paint ( The color is Ink Blue, formerly called
Artissimo” by Miss Mustard Seed for those wondering!). I added these ice-skates I was given by a friend, and our authentic sleigh bells.

I have a tutorial for DIY Vintage Christmas Bells, but I’ve found that having these real ones on my door brings me a lot of joy as I hear them ring when people go in and out the door through the season.

I used two of these galvanized “Holiday Flower” buckets with some smaller birch logs to mirror the wood pile I have kept off to the right of the door.

If you don’t have access to birch tree logs from a local source, you can even buy them for decor online!

Vintage Style Winter Porch Reveal by sheholdsdearly.com

One more big piece I added as well was this 4 pocket wall locker that I got on clearance from Michaels after Christmas last year.

One of my favorite times to shop for seasonal pieces is within the week after a holiday! Often times you’ll find great new items to add to your seasonal collection at steeply discounted prices!

I’ve been sitting on this one now for nearly a year waiting for the chance to use it!

Holiday Farmhouse Winter Porch by sheholdsdearly.com

To add a little comfort and color to the chairs, I pulled out some grey and red plaid pillow covers I made last year from some thrifted fabric.

Here are some throw pillows options that would look really cute, too!

Also, if you’ve ever wanted to get into sewing, pillow covers are one of the projects I recommend for beginners! It’s just 4 straight seams!

I have a handy tutorial for a simple pillow cover. And I always suggest adding a zipper so you can swap them out seasonally!

Christmas Patio Tour by sheholdsdearly.com

Finishing Touches to our Porch Christmas Tour:

The last touches were for on top of the cute little red table.

I added a flocked tree in a cute champagne bucket that I found at a garage sale years ago. (You can find some just like it here)

Cozy Farmhouse Christmas Porch Tour by sheholdsdearly.com

If you’ve ever wanted to flock your own greenery (either real or faux) I have a Facebook live workshop that I recorded a few years back that you can find here. You can buy the “Flock in a Box” material online.

I also added my DIY “snow globe” that I had created last month with some thrifted treasures. The tiny flocked bottle brush trees can be found here.

Vintage Christmas Porch Tour by sheholdsdearly.com

And that’s that for the Front Porch Christmas Tour!

I’ll be sharing some more fun Christmas content in the coming weeks!

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Christmas Resources:

If you’re looking for some resources heading into this Christmas season, I have a few I’d love to share!

First, a little e-book I wrote called 10 Steps for a Peaceful Christmas.

The 10 steps are filled with things to leave out of the season if they’re not bringing joy, or ways to tweak the things that do need to be done so that they are as smooth and easy as possible so as to not steal joy.

10 Steps to a Peaceful
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I hope you find this helpful as we head into the busy, but wonderful season ahead!

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Front Porch Christmas Tour by sheholdsdearly.com

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