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12 Classic Vintage Style Finds from World Market

If you don’t already think of classic vintage style pieces when you think of World Market – hold on, because I’m going to change your mind with these 12 long-time favorites of mine!

When I say these pieces are classic, I’m not just talking about in their inspiration from vintage styles, but also that some of these are pieces I’ve owned and loved for the past decade!

12 Classic Pieces You Can Find at World Market

Number One | Food covers 

These covers are the perfect addition to any outdoor party or gathering!

I don’t know if you struggle with them where you are, but we have yellow jackets and hornets that often invite themselves to our outdoor events – and keeping them away from the food used to be a full time job.

Covering the food helps greatly, but I’ve found that a 2-fold approach works best and I also bait them away from the party using these yellow-jacket traps from Amazon.

Though even aside from their incredible functional purpose – these food covers are just plain lovely and elevate the decor at any outdoor table!

So even if you’re not struggling with bugs – I still highly recommend them!

To see these food covers – and some other fun ones that I created as a DIY project in action – watch the video below!

Number Two | Bathmat 

This cotton bathmat comes in 5 great classic colors, and is a beautiful addition to any bathroom!

At 24″ wide, it will fit well in most spaces and brings charm and a touch of whimsy to a room often filled with lots of straight lines.

Number Three | French Lemonade

This French lemonade has been one of my tried and true favorites for years! Not only is the lemonade delicious and great for parties – the jars are so unique and make great decor for years to come!

See how cute the bottle is on it’s own?

It’s even better when tucked in with vignettes!

They especially lend themselves well to summer & patriotic decorating for the Fourth of July!

But they’re neutral enough that they can fit in with a variety of seasons and occasions!

Number Four | Office Chair 

When trying to decorate an office or plan a space that gives you a professional background for zoom calls – it’s important to find a chair that is not only comfortable, but also looks classic and fits your style well.

This one hits every single one of those nail heads on the head – pun 100% intended.

Number Five | Capiz lampshade 

You know I LOVE lamps, so whenever I find a unique yet neutral lamp shade style – I’m all ears! This one could fit a variety of bases and different design styles.

I don’t have one of my own (yet), but I do have this capiz lamp that I love!

Number Six | Gold Cart 

This piece is not only a great classic style, but it also has a seemingly endless number of possibilities in how it could be used! Storing laundry supplies? Spare toiletries and bathroom necessities? Craft Room organization… I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these options or many more!

Number Seven | Globe 

As a mom who spent the past 20 years homeschooling, you’d better believe I love a good globe – but especially when they’re neutral and golden like this one!

Number Eight | Marble Table 

This table is such a staple piece! You can use it with a set of chairs as a bistro seating area, or place it next to your couch or chairs as an end table – it’s a classic and versatile color combination that can work all over your house!

Number Nine | Round Jute 

This one is one of my personal favorites and it’s been use throughout my home for the past 10 years!

It spent a good amount of it’s time gracing the floor in our fire-side room…

Where our pets used to like to lay on it in front of the wood stove.

More recently I’ve moved to using Ruggable rugs in our fire-side room since it gets so much foot-traffic, and I’ve rolled up my sweet round jute and I use it near my office desk as part of my background for zoom calls and YouTube videos!

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Now back to our regularly scheduled programming and the last 3 World Market finds!

Number Ten | Jute Rug 

Now, you’ve already seen the round jute rug – but don’t discredit this one due to it’s more basic rectangular shape – the thing I love most is the basket weave texture! It has so much charm!

It comes in a variety of sizes, so you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs.

Number Eleven | Lilac Lotion & Soap 

This one is another tried & true favorite!

I LOVE the smell of lilac, and the huge lilac bushes around our 1906 Farmhouse are actually one of the first things that drew me to be interested in knowing more about this house when we first saw it from across our friend’s backyard fence! The bushes blooming each year take me right back!

The lilac blossom lotion has been a reoccurring element in gifts I’ve assembled for friends, too. It’s packaged beautifully and smells divine.

Number Twelve | Patio Umbrella (stand sold separately

This is one of those “last-but-not-least” scenarios. We’ve also owned this same umbrella for years and still love it!

It fit right in at my daughter’s boho birthday party, it’s graced our outdoor fire pit area for outdoor entertaining, and it also looks great collapsed as a backdrop for larger vignettes!

I hope these 12 classics from World Market inspire you!

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