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Finding Elegant Summer Decorations at the Dollar Tree

Did you know you can find decorations from the Dollar Tree when you’re on a budget, but also looking for elegant details to add to your summer entertaining? Here are 9 of my current favorites!

The Dollar Tree might not have been the first place that comes to mind when you think “elegant decorations”, but let me tell you, they’ve got some really great options, and all well within even the tightest of budgets.

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

What if I don’t have a Dollar Tree Near Me?

Before I jump in to this list, I wanted to make sure you know that most, if not all of these products I’m going to be sharing about are available on the Dollar Tree website and can be shipped if you do not have a Dollar Tree in your area!

Keep in mind, however that most of their products are shipped in bulk, so you might want to go in together with a family member or friend if you’re not needing too many of a specific piece!

9 Elegant Decorations from the Dollar Tree for Summer

Number One | Bottled Water

Now, this isn’t just any bottled water, this is Icelandic bottled water! I l just love how classy their bottle design is.

I think these are great options for guest rooms, and I always keep them stocked in the Nursing Mother’s Room at our church.

$1.25 each in store, and available in cases of 24, 48, 72, 96 and 120 online.

Number Two | Lemon Dishes

These are oh so cute! I wouldn’t necessarily recommend buying an entire set of them, but they make adorable accent pieces layered with what you already have.

I layered mine with my plain white dishes, pearl handled silverware (that I got from Target a few years ago), and a pretty colorful glass.

These salad size plates are $1.25 each in store, and available online in multiples of 4!

Number Three | Pretty Soap

I love finding vintage looking hand soaps that also smell divine. They make great hostess gifts for summer parties and barbeques. I like to group them together with a cute hand or dish towel.

The one I found in store that I liked was the Oatmeal & Verbena scent from Shugar Soapworks, but they do not seem to have it available online at the Dollar Tree. A great substitute online option would be the Yardley brand soap, which they have in a variety of scents.

Note: Shugar Soapworks sells on Amazon, but the price is a bit more per bar.

Number Four | Foam Core & Rope

These two items don’t scream elegance on their own, but when you use them to make a DIY Bee Skep, you’ve got a winning combination.

I did full blog and video tutorials on how I created this skep a few years back, and it has made an appearance in most of my summer scenes since!

Also, you need to promise me you’re not buying your foam core anywhere except the dollar tree. Hands down you’ll get the best deal there. Keep that in mind when you’re working on other DIY or school projects and need foam core!

Foam core available online at the dollar tree website, but with a minimum quantity of 50 for both white or black.

The floral garden decorative rope is available online in quantities of four. I used about 7 packages for my bee skep.

DIY rope bee skep on a glass cake dish in front of a tall tin bucket of sunflowers. A white bowl of lemons and glass jars are in the foregound.

Number Five | Baker’s Twine

Baker’s twine is one of those things that most DIY’ers and decorators can’t have enough of! It’s great for wrapping presents, creating bunting and banners, tying silverware bundles together, etc…

One of my favorite past uses was when we harvested some of our honey to give as gifts. We used glass jars, white burlap, yellow and white baker’s twine, and cute tags from Etsy.

Crafter’s Square baker’s twine is available online, in a minimum quantity of 24.

Small glass jars of honey with burlap tops tied with yellow and white striped baker's twine. Tag says "Raw Honey from the kitchen of the Nectar Collector". Sprigs of greenery are tucked in with the twine and a honey stick lays next to the jars.

Number Six | Seashells

I love mixing shells into summer decorations to bring out that beachy vacation vibe.

I found both colorful and more neutral shells in store at the Dollar Tree, and online they have 1 lb bags, or smaller assorted bags, again with minimum quantities required.

I have added these to the tiered desert tray on my dining room coffee table for some added texture and charm.

Number Seven | Marble Desk Organizer

I can’t find this exact tray desk organizer online, so I am hopeful that those of you with local Dollar Trees will be able to find them in your specific stores!

I used my new tray to organize the top drawer of my desk, and seeing that I am a sucker for all things Carrera marble, I love the sneak peak of it when I open my drawer to grab a pen.

Number Eight | Contact Paper & Notebook

Now, these aren’t decorations in the practical sense, but these books make great hostess gifts, and are great as planners to help keep your own home running smoothly.

Composition books on their own are pretty easy to overlook, but once you add a contact paper cover – there’s nothing bland about them.

I chose this black and white floral toille contact paper for my most recent notebook update.

You simply lay the book down flat on top of your contact paper and measure the length from top to bottom of your notebook. Then you cut a section of your contact paper to that height, ensuring that you have enough length to cover the front and the back of the book with some overhang to fold in on each cover.

Work slowly to remove backing section as you carefully press the contact paper down onto the cover, taking special care to smooth out any wrinkles or air pockets. (Use a debit card or other flat plastic to help with this process if needed.)

Number Nine | Bagged Ice

Now this last item is again not so much a decoration as it is a hack for your summer occasions. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, barbeque or going on a road trip, if you’re needing ice to keep things cool, you won’t get much better of a deal than the dollar tree!

We threw a party last weekend and spent $3 per bag. I wish I would have thought to check the dollar tree first!

Beautiful Summer

Well, I sure hope you enjoyed these Dollar Tree decorations and that you’ll be able to incorporate a few more into your summer this year before Fall arrives!

Please let me know in the comments which of these you’re most excited about using, and/or share how any of these tricks enhanced your summer experience!

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