Photo Policy?

  • I allow one or two pictures to be shared on your site with a link back and proper credit given.
  • No full posts or tutorials may be shared without written permission.


Must-Have Blogging Products and Resources?

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Advice for the Creative Entrepreneur?

The following are some principles that have kept me going and that I think will benefit others, as well. . .

  • Keep your head down and work hard- every. single. day.
  • Don’t let that “I have no idea what I am doing” feeling shut you down. You should feel this at least once day, it will drive you to ask questions and dig deeper until you do know what you are doing. This feeling means you are growing.
  • Invest in education and beautiful branding.
  • Get inspiration from others, but fight to stay authentic to your standards and your unique brand.
  • Don’t obsess over social media and all the analytics, obssess over excellence in your niche. Obsess over producing the highest quality work that you can.
  • Only grow as fast as your steady income can handle.
  • This is a marathon, not a sprint. A lifestyle, not a one time event. Slow cooking can’t be beat sometimes.
  • Everyone’s story is a little bit different and just as valuable as the next. Don’t be discouraged by others around you that seem to be growing faster.
  • Business is a never ending roller coaster ride. Celebrate the wins, but embrace the losses- humility is a gift that prepares us to handle future success without selling our souls.
  • Cultivate a heart of gratitude, always say “thank you” to your customers and people who are helping you.  Give credit where credit is due.