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Elements of a Little Women Victorian Christmas

I love studying trends, and especially around Christmas! This year, there’s been a huge resurgence of Little Women Christmas inspiration, and I’m a big fan! Let’s look at some of the main elements of this look and how it can be used in your own home.

Now, while Little Women has probably seen the biggest of pushes that I’ve noticed this Christmas, I think we could even safely call it a literary trend! There are images popping up with Dickens’ Christmas and Little House on the Prairie – they all have such a great nostalgic feeling and lend themselves well to cozy Christmas decor.

I was even inspired by an older designer, William Morris. Vintage inspiration can come from many avenues!

Keep on reading and I’ll share how I see these trends showing up in the 7 main elements of Christmas decorating.

A Note on Trends…

Anytime I start talking about trends, I get lots of people saying staunchly, “Ignore the trends and do what you love!” I’m pretty firmly planted on the ground that you can do both! There’s nothing wrong with incorporating trends that bring you joy into your home decor.

I have a whole blog post about when to follow the trends and when to stick with more classic decor.

I think Christmas can be a great time to follow some of the trends that mean the most to you!

Incorporating Lifestyle Decorating This Christmas

Many of these elements lend themselves very nicely to “Lifestyle Decorating” which is something I always recommend. If you’re new to the idea of lifestyle decorating, the way I’ve been explaining it is to pretend like you’re setting your home up as a movie set.

By thinking that way, you can create a believable era through the vignettes in your decorating.

Change out your artwork for vintage wintery scenes. Incorporate seasonal clothing like boots, scarves or ice-skates near the front door. Incorporate beautiful items for your daily tasks like vintage baking supplies or vintage tools around your fireplace.

The idea of lifestyle decorating adds a great warmth to any home!

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And now let’s jump into some of the Little Women & Victorian Inspired Christmas Trends for 2023!

Number One | Christmas Trees

The look for trees this year was fresh cut & wild. Many had sparse branches and were very bottom heavy in shape.

Here are some lovely examples:

Photo Credit: Finding Lovely

Photo Credit: Michelle Janeen

Photo Credit : Jotex

Tinsel trees were also very popular. I was fortunate to find this one on clearance at the end of last year’s Christmas season and snagged it right up. It’s a Vickermans’ tree in the “Champagne Fir” style.

I set it up in my living room and decorated it with my homemade flocked ornaments and vellum “Merry Christmas” banners.

The doll house in front was built from a kit by my son when he was younger, and the doll was my Mother’s – a special gift from her father returning home from the war.

The last detail that is noteworthy in the Little Women Christmas tree aesthetic is the table top tree!

Not only are these great for families with small children or curious animals, but they’re also great for visually filling a space, even if you might have a smaller tree.

I set mine on an end table with simple white table cloths with crocheted edges as my tree skirt.

Number Two | Ribbons

Ribbons are all the rage this year!

Think velvets and silk with frayed edges. Loose droopy bows with long tails. (Say goodbye to wired edges for a time…)

I like getting my velvet ribbon from May Arts, and have seen a nice selection of frayed edge silk at Hobby Lobby.

These loose bows can be used on the trees themselves, or to attach ornaments, or on wreaths or garland.

In my bedroom I used the ribbon as the entire asymmetrical garland across our mantle!

Here are some other beautiful examples with exceptional ribbons!

Image Credit: Jenna Sue

Image Credit: Studio McGee

Photo Credit: A Blue Nest

I love that ribbons are a fun and inexpensive way to add new color and textures into your decor!

When you’re using ribbons to secure ornaments to the tree, you can either loop a short length through and tie a knot at the end of the ribbons to place on the tree, or you can cut a longer section (about 12″) and tie the ornament itself to the tree, leaving the tails to hang alongside the ornament.

Both options can look great!

Number Three | Mixed Greenery

Don’t throw out that old faux garland or wreath just yet! The real beauty of garlands and wreaths made out of greenery is when you treat them as simply your “form”, and you build out from there!

I did this same thing on my porch with the grand garland above our front door. I started with a dried salal garland from last year and added in fresh greenery from our yard.

In addition to fresh greenery, you can also add all sorts of character with faux greenery or holiday picks from your local craft store.

Don’t Forget about dried florals…

This year I saw quite a few dried florals making their way into Christmas decorations! Look at this example with hydrangeas from Hello Flora UK:

Photo Credit: Hello Flora UK

If you like the look of adding florals to your tree, you can start out simple with baby’s breath from Costco & separate it into small picks to spread around your tree.

Number Four | Bells

Bells have been a staple in Christmas decorating for the past few years, and I don’t think they’re quite ready to go away yet. Both smaller jingle bells/sleigh bells and the larger cow bells are still finding their place among garlands and wreaths everywhere.

I especially love them when they’re in gold, and when they’re layered on top of greenery and ribbons.

I have one set, a DIY from a few years ago (…made out of toilet paper rolls!) hanging on my mantle, and another set, (purchased from Amazon) on the front door.

And yet another set at the corner of our large hallway mirror (not pictured).

Number Five | Tree Decor

I think we’re heading out of the Scandinavian/minimalist season when it comes to holiday decor. I’ve actually noticed this before, but Christmas seems to bring out the maximalist in most of us!

I shared a whole post HERE about with DIY ornaments that are trending for this year.

Number Six | Candles

Candles are a classic choice to have out at Christmas! Over the past few years I’ve been slowly investing in more and more battery operated candles for the flexibility they offer! I have a set of my favorite tapers from Amazon, and I’m working on having enough soon to place one in each window for the Christmas & winter season.

These specifically are my favorite because they have a real wax coating on the outside making them feel very realistic!

These clip-on tree candles come in as a very close second place for my favorites. This year I used them in my daughters’ room on their small tree.

Number Seven | Stockings

In addition to stockings being just plain beautiful, like this tapestry stocking shown below, and my new William Morris stockings, they’re also starting to shine a bit more in how they’re used!

Previously they’ve been pretty function-centered, with each one carefully labeled for one specific member of the family. I think there’s still obviously a place for that fun tradition, but I also love seeing stockings being used in other places, simply as decor!

Photo Credit: Arhaus | Capra Stocking

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new stockings for around the house, but you also don’t need to walk by a stocking you see while shopping or thrifting if it’s one you love!

Find a new and interesting place to display it, similar to how you’d use a soft furnishing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a bit more about my take on these Little Women/Literary Christmas elements!

Have a lovely Christmas with your family & friends!

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