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Fireside Family Room Christmas Tour

I think styling your family room & communal spaces for Christmas is one of the best ways to ready your whole family to enjoy the season!

I’ve shared before how our Fireside Room is kind of like a glorified hallway in that it is a central point of access between all of the main portions of the house. Because of that, and the need to have walk ways that aren’t disrupted, this room has gone through all sorts of variations and furniture layouts.

As it stands now, it’s basically our family room, and therefore gets decorated for Christmas along with the other main spaces we share as a family.

I think, and my husband has confirmed it – that having our home decorated seasonally helps set the mood for the entire family! And as a bonus, I love doing it!

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How to Styling a Family Room for Christmas:

First things first – we added in a tree! And not just any tree – this is an adorable, vintage inspired tabletop tree! I loved recognizing that they also had a table top tree in the movie, “Little Women” which I watched recently with my Behind the Scenes gals.

I knew then that I was on the right track with my vintage & Victorian inspiration!

On the tree I added some lights, a popcorn garland that I strung together this year as part of my Homemade Holidays projects, and a cute set of vintage book ornaments that I put together last year!

You can read the tutorial and get a free printable for them HERE.

Underneath the tree I added a soup tureen filled with golden pear ornaments that I made, also as part of this years “HH” series.

I just love how the tree looks next to my green velvet couch.

I placed my thrifted copy of Dickens’ Christmas stories under the tree, added some Christmas books in a basket under the table, and filled the shelf space in our columned doorway with red & green vintage books.

The cat seems to really be enjoying the couch & reading area set up as well.

More Vintage Victorian Christmas Family Room Details:

Near the bottom of the stairs is a little spot for our dog, Kiera.

She’s a little big for her dog bed, but she still chooses to lay there at times!

The shelf above her bed holds her brush, some treats, and a cute art piece with some off-white bottle brush trees.

Because there was a bit going on through the rest of the room, I decided to keep the stairway railing nice and simple.

I purchased two mercury glass garlands off of Amazon and strung them along the railing.

Our knit stockings are hung along the stairway base plate, since we do not have a mantle above the woodstove.

I got these originally at LL Bean and found some that are similar, or these on Amazon, and Etsy.

I share more about the styling in this small shelf in my Christmas Kitchen tour!

And here we are at the end of the Fireside/Family Room Christmas tour for this year!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, here are all the rest of the tours I’ve done for the house so far!

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