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Claw Foot Tub

*Update : This tub got a re-re-finish in 2024! Click HERE to see the tutorial for that!

I am pleased to report that the Master Bathroom Remodel continues! The cast iron claw foot tub is one of my prized possessions and something that required a big of negotiation on my part.

My husband has it in his head that cast iron tubs are hard to clean under, but my grandparents had one in their cabin when I was little. The memories and nostalgia far out weigh the cleaning predictments in my mind.

So, I made a deal, he gets a dog (I did not want a dog!) and I get a claw foot tub.


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The Tub

A good friend of ours decided to give us an old cast iron footed tub. The date on the bottom said 1923.


It had the original faucet holes that needed to be patched and all of it refinished.

*HERE is the new product we used in 2024*


Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Before and After

Farmhouse Bathroom Befores and Afters

You should have seen the guys haul that baby up the stairs, the things they do for me!

The Shower Curtain

Ok, this was a doozy. The tub sits right up against the wall, so we didn’t have room for a normal shower curtain and rod. My husband ended up bending copper pipes and welding a custom curtain rod that could hang from the ceiling. You can buy a similar one here.

Farmhouse Bathroom Befores and Afters

I went around and around on what to use for a shower curtain, but everything was too thick. In the end, I bought three shower curtain liners from the Dollar Tree and altered an old duvet cover I bought for a couple of dollars at a rummage sale.  The fabric is only on the side that doesn’t touch the wall.

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Before and After

Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Before and After

So, we are definitely moving forward and I should have the reveal ready soon!

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