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Christmas Dining Room Tour by

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This is the Christmas dining room tour for those of you who might also be running out of steam!

This is my second to last room to decorate, and as I was beginning I realized I was starting to feel like I was running out of ideas and getting a little tired of decorating.

But do you know what, that’s a testament to the fact that it happens to ALL OF US at one time or another!

So I decided to embrace the idea of a really simple Christmas dining room, and here we are! I hope this blesses you if you ever feel the same way about wanting to decorate, but feeling uninspired or burnt out.

Your house doesn’t have to be decorated wall to wall and floor to ceiling in order to bless your family and create a space to celebrate the season.

Simple is OK!

And the way to do simple is to focus in on the key areas in the room that you want to decorate.

You’ll be able to identify them pretty easily in your own space. They might be spaces that are fun to decorate due to their function:

“We all sit around the table for dinner so I want that to be pretty!”

Or it might be based on how focal they are in the room:

“I see that bookshelf right when I walk in to the room and having some visual interest there would be fun.”

Then you can get to work in those places!

In my Behind the Scenes class we just had a class all about seasonal decorating, and this is something I spoke with all my ladies about – Decorating doesn’t need to get out of hand, and it shouldn’t feel overwhelming!

|You can join the waitlist for my Behind the Scenes Class HERE if you think you’d like to come along with us as we learn about this and more! |

Focus on making your key areas come alive and feel beautiful, and leave the rest!

Christmas Dining Room Tour by
Christmas Dining Room Tour by

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My Key Areas:

For this Christmas dining room tour I’m going to be showing you my key areas in our dining room!

  • The banister
  • The table top
  • Wall Decor
  • The book shelf

And those were the only 4 areas I focused on!

Wall Decor:

For my wall decor I hung up this beautiful “Tree Farm” scroll from Cottonwood Shanty.

I actually got it after Christmas last year and have been really excited for it to find a place this year.

I added a pretty frosted cedar garland along the top for some color, and viola! That wall was done!

Christmas Dining Room Tour by

On the wall behind my fireplace I simply added a sprig of greenery behind the picture I already had up as part of my winter decorations.

This is a great trick for adding a Christmas feel to your existing pieces!

Christmas Dining Room Tour by

When I say simple is ok, I really do mean it!

Table Top:

Because I got the opportunity to decorate a few new spaces this year that I haven’t done in the past (our Kitchen Porch and our Master Bedroom) I have been realizing that I am actually almost out of Christmas decor!

Because of that, I went REALLY simple on the kitchen table. I used the last of my tiny flocked trees, and added a cute candle.

I like that the tree is close to the ‘Tree Farm” sign.

And done!

Christmas Dining Room Tour by

The Bookshelf:

In the bookshelf I added a collection of white dishes with a simple feature piece, my mercury glass garlands inside soup tureens!

I had been wanting mercury glass garland for a while, and splurged on these last year as my new pieces! I hung them on the tree last year, and subsequently broke one of the bulbs!

I realized they’re just so heavy, and so fragile, that putting them on the tree just felt too risky again this year.

This way I get to see and appreciate them, and they bring in a sweet detail, but I don’t have to worry about them getting shattered!

Christmas Dining Room Tour by

The Bannister:

The last part of our Christmas dining room tour is our bannister area!

In front of the bannister near the woodstove I swapped out our usual basket of firewood for this little farmhouse stool that I painted a few years back.

I loved that it made me think of a little child carefully climbing up to peak into their stocking on Christmas morning.

I’m a big fan of thinking of the “story scene” behind what I set up.

Christmas Dining Room Tour by
Christmas Dining Room Tour by

On the bannister itself I hung the four cream stockings for my children.

They were looking a little plain at first, so I added each of their initials in glittered gold letters, a pretty ribbon, and a little sprig of greenery.

I feel like it added just the right touch!

Christmas Dining Room Tour by

Along the top of the railing I added a pretty garland I got from Hobby Lobby.

It has eucalyptus, sedum, holly and cedar – I love when different greens are mixed together like that!

I have to say that I love the greenery that Hobby Lobby puts together, but for uniqueness, I think Michaels has the best selection! Those are my two go-to stops for garlands.

I attached the garland with wire and used a “s” shape through the process to make it really flow down the entire railing and newel post.

Christmas Dining Room Tour by

At the bottom of the stairs I added a red “Believe” pillow to the bench that holds our wood stove and fire keeping supplies.

Christmas Dining Room Tour by
Christmas Dining Room Tour by

On the shelf near the bottom of the stairs I had already added some red transferware that I had found while thrifting, but I wanted just a little bit more.

Christmas Dining Room Tour by

I ended up adding a black and white photograph I had from my Grandpa’s time in the army. It was from world-war-2, and they were celebrating Christmas as a unit!

I love when the sentimental aspect of a picture makes it even more precious. Having a piece like this as part of our Christmas celebration this year means a lot!

Christmas Dining Room Tour by

And that’s the end of the Christmas dining room tour for 2020!

I hope this inspires you and reminds you that simple can be beautiful and meaningful! Christmas decorations don’t need to go all out in order to be impactful on you and your family.

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