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Bohemian Style Christmas Decor and DIY Macaroni Tree

An infusion of Bohemian Christmas Style into your home might be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

Feature Photo by: You’ve Got Mal.

Today I’m going to share some ideas for incorporating bohemian style into your Christmas decor, and I’ll also be sharing a quick DIY that you’ve been asking about for years! More on the history of the infamous macaroni tree later!

Before I get started I wanted to thank those of you who had reached out in the past few weeks! I did not do a post or video the last 2 weeks due to a family emergency that is now under control. I appreciate your concern and your patience as I spent important time with my family.

I’m very happy to be back, though!

The first post and video of the month is usually part of our Styling Thrifted Finds series, but due to earlier circumstances, I’m going to finish up this fun DIY project as promised, and then next week we’ll dive into our Thrifted Christmas finds & gifts! I can’t wait to share it with you.

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

Where does the idea of Bohemian Style Christmas Decor come from?

I’ve been noticing some subtle nods to the 70’s in some design circles, and while it always has it’s own fresh flare, it’s always a treat to see “old becoming new” again.

There’s not much to write about when it comes to searching Pinterest for 70’s Christmas inspiration, but I did see a lot of cross over with Bohemian Christmas, and I think that might be a better buzzword if you’re searching for that type of look.

Favorite Things About Incorporating Bohemian Style into your Christmas Decor:

I think hands down the best thing about adding Bohemian inspiration is that you get to have a LOT of fun with colors.

When you’re using a boho theme, just about any color goes!

Just look at this pink boho Christmas mood board put together by Samantha Hauger.

Not at all the color scheme you’d think of traditionally, but it works so well!

These beautiful ornaments are another surprising but beautiful combination. The light aqua, brown, pink, salmon and copper. Just lovely!

This specific set is from West Elm.

As my last example of the array of colors you can use for a Boho Christmas, I present to you these sugar cookies by Molly Yeh that she did “buttercream embroidery” on.  

So now that we know we can go all out on the colors, what else is there to explore within a Bohemian Christmas?

Well…. tassels & garlands, of course!

No one does tassels & garlands quite like the boho look.

You’ve got your jumbo yarn tassels that go right on the tree like  Abby Saylor Armbruster did as part of their decor.

You can go more neutral and calm with natural wood beads and eucalyptus garland.

Then of course there are also clever DIY tassel trees like this one by Wilshire Collections.

You can combine the best of both worlds and do both wood bead garlands AND tassels like Hallstrom Home did here:

Or a pom pom garland like I made last year, and shown here by Lia Griffith.

And don’t forget about using tassels to brighten up your gift wrapping like Amaris from Lovely Blonde Closet did here:

One last detail that I think Bohemian Christmas Style does really well is creative use of tree decor!

Take this pampas grass “tree” as an example. How clever is this set up by Cukoo4design?

There are also quite a few collections of bottle brush trees to be found in this style, and I’m here for it!

A collection of trees actually brings me right to my DIY project for the day today!

I first introduced my macaroni tree here on the blog back in 2017 (Christmas in the Kitchen) when it spent the Christmas season on my kitchen windowsill.

In 2018 it could be spotted in my Christmas living room decor on the piano.

Jump to last year in 2020 when it spent it’s first Christmas up on our master bedroom mantle.

I share all these details because ever since it’s debut, I’ve had questions about how it’s made and I wanted to put inquiring minds at ease!

I believe the history of this tree specifically is that my Mother made it, and by inspecting it closely it seems to be a vase base with cardboard and newspaper paper mache turned into the cone stuck on top.

While I was thrifting last month in Snohomish, Washington with some of the ladies from my Behind the Scenes class, we found this great thrift store that was one of the best I’ve seen! It had a mixture of antique and thrifted items and at prices close to 90% off what you’d find them for new. I was able to do a bulk purchase from the owner, and he included these three cardboard thread cones for free.

As soon as I saw them I knew it was time to create some macaroni trees of my own to join my Mother’s.

I found some glass candle bases on Amazon that I used to create the same lifted base style as the original.

The process really couldn’t be more simple or straight forward!

The first thing I did was give all four trees (the original needed a touch up) a nice even coat of Heirloom White spray paint . This helped ensure that the base would have nice coverage, which is harder to do once the noodles are attached.

I used a simple hot glue gun to dot glue onto the trees and then quickly attached the mini elbow noodles, small shells and mini farfalle “bows”.

Once you’ve set some of the larger bows around the tree in various positions, you can glue a small section and fill it in completely with the smaller shell and elbow noodles.

It’s really that easy!

Then once I was finished and all the glue had dried, I went back over it with the same color spray paint again to cover all the noodles.

I just love how my new little forest of macaroni trees looks on top of our mantel.

YouTube Milestone Reached!

During these past two slow weeks, I also reached a new milestone over on my YouTube channel! There are now 70,000 creatives who have pushed “subscribe” and joined our channel and community there.

It’s unreal, and such an honor!

As a way to say a quick THANK YOU, I am holding a giveaway over this weekend for a free copy of my Holiday Planner!

Pop on over to my YouTube Channel to see the details and add your comment for an entry to win!

Thank you again, and I’ll see you back here next week for our Thrifted Christmas Gifts post!

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