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12 Simple Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas

Do you feel uninspired with your last minute gift wrapping ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

Feature Photo Credit: The Ginger Home

As of the date this blog post is published, there’s only one week left until Christmas, so I think we can safely say we’re heading into “last minute” territory as we finish up purchasing and wrapping our gifts.

I actually love gifts, they’re my main love language, and I also love wrapping them!

As far as I’m concerned, a nicely wrapped present is like being given two gifts instead of just one.

I love putting lots of time and thought into gift buying (see my last post about how I thrift and put together gifts for friends and family), and I usually do the same with how I chose to wrap them. I shared a post last year all about my favorite quick gift wrapping tricks.

But I have found that when I get down down to the last few gifts, or when I’m getting short on time, it’s hard to finish strong and often the gifts quit looking as pretty as I would like.

Since I’m guessing I’m not the only one this might happen to, I’ve pulled together this list that allows you to tweak what you have on hand to give it extra artistic flair and make it beautiful- even when you don’t have time for the perfectly coordinated collections of gifts that you might desire.

These ideas bring about the same “two gifts in one” kind of spirit because they end up looking beautiful and intentional, and what more could we ask for?

Christmas Living Room Tour by sheholdsdearly.com

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

12 Simple Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas:

Number One | 2 Tags

Using two tags in place of just one adds great visual interest! And there are really limitless ways to customize the two tags.

I think it’s always a good idea to add a sprig of greenery or other plant material when possible, too. It’s hard to go wrong with that little detail. When I’m adding pieces of greenery or other small details to my presents, I’ll often use hot glue to secure them (when needed).

This post from Smile Beauty and More is a great example.

Photo Credit: In the Mood Magazine

Number Two | Ribbon Through Tag

Who knew that hole punching both sides of your gift tag and stringing your ribbon straight through could have such an interesting visual impact?

Angela shared this example that I think is just lovely! Autumn from My Design Dump shared this image as well and made the clever remark that these would be good for mailing since the ribbon wouldn’t be disfigured or squished like a traditional bow would.

I love that thought for family and friends that you don’t get to celebrate with in person.

Number Three | Wrap Skinny Ribbon

If all you’ve got available is skinny ribbon, or even something like bakers twine, you can make a big difference in how it comes across by wrapping it multiple times, and at various angles. When I do this, I try to cover about 1/4-1/3 of the present with the ribbon/twine to make it impactful. Thread your gift tag on there and viola, you’re ready to go!

This example by Amy May Paper shared by Style Me Pretty is a perfect example. The texture of that linen is just beautiful, too!

Number Four | Washi Tape

Out of ribbon and string – don’t worry, washi tape has you covered! This idea looks especially great with a large decorative label like done here by She Paperie

Number Five | Big Bow, Small Box

If all you have is large ribbon and a small box, I want to assure you that it’s OK to let the ribbon dominate the look a little bit!

Dress it up like a cute southern girl with a “closer to Jesus” bow and enjoy!

This beautiful champagne bow by Eddie Ross is a great example.

And this sophisticated look by Magnolia with two solids is just lovely!

I would highly suggest not mixing two prints if you were to go this route! Make sure either your paper or your ribbon is a solid to keep it from being overwhelming!

Number Six | Printable Tags

Nothing adds character to a present quite like a beautiful tag! And if you’re not feeling entirely creative at the moment to make one from scratch, you’re in luck because there are some really lovely sources online where you can find premade, printable tags!

Here are two examples from my friend Kristen with the blog Ella Claire & Co.

These beautiful neutral holly branches would look wonderful with so many different wrapping paper and ribbon combinations.

And these pinecone and evergreen tags have the perfect pop of natural colors for a more rustic feel.

Number Seven | Jars

Skip the wrapping paper all together and dress up glass jars for a fun change!

You can use burlap like Natalie Franke did in her ModWedding Feature.

Or top them in lace like these:

Or you could even use fabrics like they’ve done here.

These examples all have honey in small jars, but know you’re not limited to contents or size in your own gift!

Get creative!

Number Eight | Gift Basket

If your gift includes a collection of things that are part of a specific theme and color coordinate nicely, your best wrapping option might be an open top gift basket (or any other aesthetically pleasing container like a box or crate)!

Use a piece of fabric or a dish towel as a liner and arrange your pieces inside. A well done basket can look so cozy and beautiful with little effort and in a short amount of time!

Or if you’re ever really pressed for time and in the market for a high-end basket that’s already assembled, you should certainly look into Marigold Grey. Their baskets are lovely, and they’ve got an impressive list of happy clientele like Martha Stewart and the Spanx company.

This basket below is one of theirs.

Number Nine | Clothes Pin

Securing your gift tag or label to your present with a clothes pin can be an unexpected element that really steps outside the “normal” options and adds lots of charm.

This is especially cute if you use mini-clothes pins!

Here’s a simple but pretty option shared by Cannelle Vanille.

Number Ten | Long Tag, Skinny Gift

For another kind of unexpected twist, use a long gift tag and wrap it over three sides of your present and wrap ribbon or twine to hold it in place.

This one is by Substation Paperie and looks lovely on their tall and skinny glass jar.

Number Eleven | Short Ribbon & Gift Bag

Don’t throw out those short pieces of ribbon/remnants at the end of your rolls!

This idea by Established Co Gifts is the perfect way to use them up!

These are simple kraft paper bags with ribbon looped around one side of one of the handles, with a hole punched tag threaded through.

And how charming they look!

Number Twelve | Stamped Cloth Bag

If you happen to have cloth bags and stamps around, you can create some really festive gift bags that stand alone without any other details!

There are also festive picture stamped bags you can find if you don’t have time to DIY one.

Or if you have a set of alphabet stamps, you can create a variety of word stamps on your bags for any occasion!

These cute Noel bags are from Amanda at The Ginger Home.

Happy Gifting!

I hope this list of gift wrapping ideas is helpful and inspiring to you this year, and in preparation for coming years!

I’d love to hear in the comments below if you’re able to incorporate any of these into your gifts this year, and which one was your favorite that you’re looking forward to trying!

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Merry Christmas!

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