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40 Farmhouse Favorites From IKEA

Today I’m sharing my 40 Farmhouse Favorites From IKEA after a successful shopping trip!

In addition to heading in to IKEA for our farmhouse favorites shopping trip, I also had a few things specifically on my list for our own home:

  • Linen Sheets that I’ve been wanting for a long time
  • White curtain for our fireside room
  • Pillows
  • Duvet
  • Baskets
  • Glassware with bamboo lids that the whole family uses for lunch
  • Desk chair
  • ..and of course the knowledge that I may walk out with 3x this much in new treasures.

One of the first things I noticed were the colors popping up for spring.

The new trends for this year include lots of black, whites and greens!

Dark hunter green is all the rage again, making a swift comeback from the 80’s. If the 80’s are still haunting you, try incorporating it as an accent wall or in green velvet furnishings.

Long curtain panels or a simple slipcover will give you a good pop of color without becoming a major investment or hassle to replace down the road.

Mustard yellow is another popular color I’m seeing for the season! Bring it in with sunflowers, slipcovers, pillow covers, and color pops in wall decorations.

If the words “hunter green” and “mustard yellow” are making you cringe, you can rest assured that the recent farmhouse all-over-white design is still going strong.

These are some of my Farmhouse Favorites:

Best Ikea Find for Farmhouse by sheholdsdearly.com

1) White Pitcher – The SOCKERART vase is something we keep coming back for! I love to use them as flower vases, but my kids have found they also make great scoops for chicken and rabbit feed.

2) Gray Storage Boxes – Some of my favorite multipurpose boxes! We use the KVARNVIK storage boxes in our living room, my office – anywhere there is clutter that might need to be put away out of sight at any given time. They come in multiple different sizes and have many different uses!

3) Plants – This FEJKA line of artificial plants makes for great fillers for any design arrangement.

4) Bamboo Trays for Drawers – I love using these VARIERA trays for my silverware, but also for my larger cooking utensils. The design and quality can’t be beat! And they come in all different sizes to make the best use of your space.

5) Wooden Hangers – These BUMERANG wooden hangers are great for spring cleaning! We can always use a few more.

6) Colander – These GEMAK metal colanders are my favorite, and they make a great wedding gift!

7) Wooden Spoons – Filling a vintage crock with a handful of these RORT wooden spoons is a wonderful way to add a farmhouse feel to your kitchen.

8) Linen Sheets – The PUDERVIVA sheets! Part of my original list. Glad to own a set of these now!

9) Natural Rug – Beautiful texture and a great price for a quality rug. The LOHALS flatwoven rug could even potentially be used for a layered look!

10) Baskets – I like to think of these BYHOLMA baskets as being instant farmhouse. Truly functional and versatile while also being pleasing to look at.

Ikea Farmhouse Decorations by sheholdsdearly.com

11) Gold Hooks – You can’t go wrong with these KAMPIG gold hooks. So elegant & beautiful. We have them in our bedroom.

Ikea Shopping 2020 by sheholdsdearly.com

12) Desk Lamp – The BAROMETER lamp comes in both the desk lamp and floor lamp options. Both a great value, both an easy way to add a classic farmhouse look to your living room, bedroom or office.

Ikea Farmhouse Lighting by sheholdsdearly.com

13) Alarm Clock – The DEKAD alarm clock is simple and cute, and comes in black or white, depending on the look you’re after.

14) Wall Clock – This POLLETT clock kept drawing my eye, and won out as favorite even over another very cute one with bead trim.

And here are 15 of my favorite pieces for the Spring Farmhouse

Ikea Farmhouse Spring New 2020 by sheholdsdearly.com

15) Green Bottles – These BORSTAD faux glass green bottles are another interesting way to incorporate some green into your decor – and at a great value!

16) Distressed Green Rug – This VONSBAEK low-pile rug expertly straddles the line between classic/vintage, and modern/trendy with it’s faux distressing and color choice. An exciting addition to any room in your home!

17) Whisk Broom – What a fun way to bring in a little of the season’s green! These BORSTAD brooms are cute and useful!

18) Basket Planter – Loving these FRIDFULL basket planters. The plastic liner makes these wonderfully versatile for real or faux plants!

19) Bistro Set – If you’re looking for a small yet functional decorative touch on your porch area – look no further than the TAERNOE table and chairs. Wonderfully priced and a true blank slate for any spring design to liven up your outdoor areas!

20) Green Tins – These ANILINARE decorative metal boxes are just perfect for spring decor. They give off a very “vintage suitcase” vibe and would add a touch of sophistication to any design.

21) Green Dishes – The pretty green tones in these STRIMMIG dishes would accent your spring table so nicely.

22) Faux Eucalyptus – A beautiful addition to any spring farmhouse floral arrangement, this eucalyptus is part of the SMYCKA line.

23) Drink Dispenser – The VARDAGEN beverage dispenser is a great value for a sleek piece that could be used for any occasion!

24) Drinking Glasses – In the same family, the VARDAGEN glasses are some of my favorites – second only to my mason jars. They come in three sizes, 15 oz, 10oz, and 7oz juice glasses that are great for little hands!

25) Door Mat – These TRAMPA natural door mats can be easily customized to fit any season, trend, or decor inspiration you have in mind. I used these same mats last Fall when I did a Custom DIY Welcome Mat craft with the Women’s weekend at our church.

26) Herb and Vegetable Poster Set – Two beautiful vintage inspired herb and veggie posters – this KNOPPAENG framed set is truly speaking my language.

27) Egg and Flower Poster Set – These BILD posters are un-framed, but come as a sweet four pack that could be used for a number of things!

28) Cloche – The MORGONTIDIG cloches come in two different sizes and can be utilized for a host of decor or gardening needs!

29) 40L Container – This huge GRAESLOEK container sits on my front porch and holds my potting soil, and looks mighty pretty while doing it.

My 5 Favorite Farmhouse Furniture Finds

Ikea Farmhouse Furniture by sheholdsdearly.com

30) FARLOV Couches and Chairs – This is the line our living room couch is in, and we truly love the comfort, design, and ease of cleaning! As an added bonus, slipcovers come in black, tan, white and mustard yellow! What a fun way to add a bold pop of color for a season!

Ikea Farmhouse Furniture by sheholdsdearly.com

31) Kitchen Cabinetry – Taking advantage of Ikea’s cabinetry sale is a wonderful way to get inexpensive cabinets to upgrade your kitchen.

32) Tiny Desk – The INGATORP is the sweetest little white desk with drop sides! This would make a wonderful sewing or hobby desk!

33) Cream Cabinet This LOMMARP cabinet is a beautiful piece with the sweetest gold pulls. It could be used for so many things inside your home.

34) Utility Cart – These cute rolling RASKOG carts are truly multi-purpose. One of my kids will be using hers for all her crafting supplies. And for some variety, it comes in green, black and white!

And last but not least, my 6 favorite Farmhouse Gift Ideas

Ikea Farmhouse Gifts by sheholdsdearly.com

35) Stuffed Animals – Great prices and quality for their variety of stuffed animals. Plus, I can’t help but just adore their beautiful Swedish names, HOPPIG the dog, VANDRING HARE the rabbit, and SNUTTIG the polar bear for a few examples.

36) Crocheted Baby Blanket – This GULSPARV crocheted baby blanket is soft, sweet and simple. What a great gift for a expecting fellow farmhouse loving Mama.

37) Bunny Crib Bedding – Be still my heart! RODHAKE baby bunny bedding for a new baby’s crib. What could be sweeter?

38) Hooded Towel – Gifting things to new Moms that I enjoyed using for my own children is my favorite. These RODHAKE hooded towels are cute and so helpful for squiggly freshly bathed babies.

39) Water Proof Bibs – Another staple from when my kids were little! These KLADDIG full coverage bibs are a great way to cut down on laundry!

40) Heart Cookies – KKAFFEREP heart shaped cookies with raspberry filling – perfect for valentines day!

I hope you enjoyed these farmhouse favorites from IKEA! And remember, the next time you’re heading there for yourself,

  • don’t forget to ride the escalator like buddy the elf,
  • bring your reusable Ikea shopping bags,
  • your shopping list, and come prepared for possible (and likely) impulse buys!
  • We also always finish off our trip with a lunch of swedish meatballs from the Ikea Food Court, but they also have a make-at-home version, the KOETTBULLAR if that’s more your speed.

You might also enjoy 40 Farmhouse Finds from IKEA that I wrote a while back. It is my most popular post of all time!!

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40 Farmhouse Favorites from Ikea by sheholdsdearly.com


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