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14 Vintage European Style Front Doors I Love

Changing the color or style of your front door is arguably one of the most powerful things you can do for your curb appeal. Come along as I share 14 of my favorite styles & colors!

When we were remodeling our 1906 Farmhouse – I picked a door that I loved, but didn’t pay very close attention to the dimensions. What we ended up with was a beautiful door that made furniture very difficult to navigate in and out of the house.

And, if you know me – you know that I like to change things up and try new pieces often.

We made due for years until… the settee! A beautiful vintage Facebook Marketplace find that just Would. Not. Fit. through any of our doorways. I was ready to cut the legs off – but my husband stepped in and reminded me that such a beautiful and old settee should be kept intact.

AND that he was willing to swap out our front door to make it happen.

Fast forward a few months, and we now have a beautiful settee in our living room, and a new front door! I share all about that process in the video below.

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Keep reading to see how my search for the perfect door gave me this list of 14 beautiful front door options that you might find very inspiring!

Things to Look For when Choosing A New Door or A New Door Color:

Maybe your current door isn’t rich in vintage or architectural elements, and maybe your budget doesn’t allow for adding them -don’t worry! Even just changing the color of your door can have a huge impact on the way your home looks.

My favorite colors, both in general, and for doors are blues and greens, but pastels & neutrals all have their place as well! I’ll share more about the specific colors I love below.

As for styles, these are some of the things I would look to incorporate:

  • Side by Side Doors instead of a single door
  • Adding Special Trim
  • Beautiful Brass Hardware

Hardware, especially door hardware is one of the places I always recommend splurging. The hardware is like the jewelry of the door, and it should be made up of pieces that stand out and capture your attention.

With that being said, I’d look to incorporate any/all of these elements with bold character.

For our new door solid wood door, we painted it “Gale Force” by Sherwin Williams, reinstalled our vintage style doorbell that we found on Amazon, and sourced a beautiful handle and lock set from our local salvage yard!

This was originally a $500 lock, that we were able to purchase for $50. If you have a local salvage yard, ask them if they ever receive inventory that is liquidated from home supply stores- you may also be able to get a great deal like this one!

I get asked about this often, but our front door mat is actually iron! It looks great still after many years, and is wonderfully functional for a small farmhouse in the Pacific Northwest that sees a fair share of muddy shoes & boots.

And now, for the main event…

14 Vintage European Style Front Doors & Colors to Inspire:

Door Number 1 | This jewel tone blue door with a beautiful stone surround.

While not everyone has an stone archway above their door. The color & trim on the doors are both more easy to reproduce!

Some similar Sherwin William colors to get you close are Seaworthy #7620 and Moscow Midnight #9142.

Photo Credit | House of Harper

Door Number 2 | Sage Green With Leaded Windows

This paint color & door inspiration is actually from a company called ColourTrend in Ireland that has door paint kits in 35 different colors. I love the idea that they include the paint, primer, necessary brushes and all items for painting a door! If anyone finds that they do ship to the US and tries them out – be sure to let us know how you like it!

This shade of green looks most like Hidden Trail #9525 or Secret Garden #6181 by Sherwin Williams.

Photo Credit | ColourTrend

Door Number 3 | Dark Blue Milk Paint Door

This is my own kitchen porch door, and this dark blue was the same shade that we used to have on our front door. It’s the color “Ink Blue”, formerly “Artissimo” by the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint line.

I love the variation and instant “aged” feel that milk paint gives to a project – and would recommend it for your doors, as long as they’re protected from the elements and direct sunlight or too much heat.

Milk paint needs to be sealed with wax, and as you can imagine – that doesn’t stand up too well to the sun beating down on it.

If you want to choose an acrylic paint instead of milk paint, I’d suggest Sherwin Williams’ Emerald Exterior line in the color Gale Force #7605 or After the Storm, #9685.

Photo Credit | She Holds Dearly

Door Number 4 | Dark Green with Typography

I mentioned it briefly above, but adding your house number onto the door itself is a great way to add character!

If you speak to any emergency responder – they’ll also tell you they love it when your house number is bold and easy to read – even in the dark.

This door is actually from an Etsy account that makes customizable vinyl door numbers – which is great for anyone in the market for them!

This paint color most closely resembles Sherwin Williams #2847 – Roycroft Bottle Green & Isle of Pines #6461.

Photo Credit | Bravallen Design

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Door Number 5 | Double Doors With Outstanding Trim

These makers really went all out with this beautiful trim around their lovely navy double doors!

Though I have to admit that my favorite part of this picture is the two sweet dogs! We have an older Rhodesian Ridgeback and are getting a puppy later this year – so it’s fun to see these two together like our girls will be!

This blue is most similar to SW Gray’s Harbor #6236 or Charcoal Blue #2739.

Photo Credit | Houzz | Project_Time

Door Number 6 | Heading into Neutral Territory.

I mentioned it above, but there IS a place for neutrals as a front door color. Not every door has to contain a pop of color to add character and curb appeal. For those who love a more subtle look – there are still lots of options available!

This light sage green is plain lovely, and they’ve really taken the idea of adding “jewelry” to heart.

This color looks similar to SW Online #7072 and Silvermist #7621.

Photo Credit | Decor Pad | Sarah Berry Design

Door Number 7 | Sage Green with Black Accents

These matte black hardware accents make for great contrast against this light green door and white brick exterior.

Some similar Sherwin William Colors are #9126 Honed Soapstone and #9127 At Ease Soldier.

Photo Credit | My Chic Obsession

Door Number 8 | For the Pink Girlies

Now, I know right away that this shade won’t be for everyone – but there are times and places and certain houses that just call for a sweet pink door!

This would be especially cute as a seasonal door color for Spring!

Some similar options are SW Rosebud #6288 and Charming Pink #6309.

Photo Credit | Farrow & Ball “Ground Blush”

Door Number 9 | Another Soft Pink

This one is what I would call a ballet pink and was predicted to be one of the three main colors for 2023 by the London Door Company. They have a great selection of front doors and colors if you are looking for more inspiration once you’re done here!

Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer gives #6051 Sashay Sand as the closest match.

Photo Credit | London Door Company

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Door Number 10 | When Neutrals are a Necessity

While I do love a pop of color on the front door, I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. For those who are looking for a more neutral palate – here are a few ideas you’ll love!

This one reminds me of a creamy porcelain, and the color is closely matched with #7506 Loggia & #9510 Peace of Mind by SW.

Photo Credit | Yahoo / Farrow & Ball | Slipper Satin

Door Number 11 | Simple Door with Stunning Hardware

I just love the look of the hardware chosen for this door – I believe it’s unlacquered brass, and it stands out so nicely against the soft door color without overpowering it or the white exterior walls.

SW Habitat #9608 and Quiver Tan #6151 are similar.

Photo Credit | Basic Projects – Mountain Cottage | Cashiers, NC

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Door Number 12 | Neutrals As a Backdrop

One thing I do absolutely LOVE about neutral front doors is that they are the best backdrop for seasonal decorating!

I love the wicker basket is hung on the door and filled it up with bright orange leaves. Many door colors couldn’t handle something quite so vibrant against it – but this one holds it up well.

Emily of The Wicker House explains here how she made this custom color using some left over paint called “Smokey Eyes” by the Kilz brand & another shade of grey that she had on hand.

Some similar Sherwin Williams Colors are #9553 Allegory, and #0037 Morris Room Grey.

Photo Credit | The Wicker House

Door Number 13 | Bold & Summery Yellow

This one would be an absolutely stunning choice for a seasonal summer door!

This is another ColourTrends door called “French Mustard”.

At Sherwin Williams, it’s similar to Anjou Pear #6381 and #6395 Alchemy.

Photo Credit | ColourTrend

Door Number 14 | Last, but never least…

Here’s the door for those of you who LOVE a pop of unexpected color.

This bright door is making a real statement to the neighbors, and I love it for that! I think it’s also excellent design that they’re playing with that color and matching it in their planted flowers. Superb!

This color is similar to Yam #6643 & Determined Orange #6635.

Photo Credit | Pella

I hope you enjoyed this Front Door Round up!

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