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The most common complaint I hear from women when it comes to the work in a home, is . . . . you guessed it!

Dealing with food!

The planning, the shopping, the expense, the prepping, the storing, the complaints, the expense, the time, the clean up and on and on it goes.

I wish I could say that food isn’t really that important, but it really is the backbone to our day.   It’s actually kind of a game changer in my family.  If meals, even simple meals, are served on time, my people are much more peaceful.  There is a natural rhythm to our day.  If I serve dinner on time, the kids subconsciously know that bedtime is just around the corner.

Not to mention, peoples’ blood sugar is kept even.  Ha, can I get an “amen!”?

We know it is a good idea to eat regular meals, but the struggle remains.  Why do need to eat so. many. times a day????

It never ends, I tell my husband, I feel like a mama bird surrounded by open baby bird mouths!

Meals Made Easy by

I have been in charge of food for 21 years now.  I came from a home where my mom worked really hard on our food and did a really good job, I still remember that familiar, comforting clinking of the dishes at 5pm as my mom would start on the dinner each night.

She tried several times to teach me to cook, but our lessons never lasted long.  I did learn to make stirfry and top ramen.  Ha!

I remember getting home from my honeymoon and reality hitting.  I had a grown man that would like serve three meals a day to.  I really wanted to. I wanted to be amazing.  I thought I could figure it out.

First things first, I made some microwave popcorn.  What I did not take into account was the fact the my husband loves buying the best.  Not just any microwave would do.  It had to be super powered.  Regular microwaves take 3 mins to make popcorn, but his took more like 90 seconds.

I set the microwave for 3 minutes like the package said.  Popcorn on fire, smoke billowing out of microwave.  Smoke alarm sounding.  Sarah crying. The microwave was permanently stained with smoke after that and I needed to gain some confidence in the kitchen.

I have come a LOOOOOONG way since then.  We now have four teenagers in the house.

Meals Made Easy by

And in the process pushed every limit I could on how to make food easier.   I have come to the conclusion that you really

  • need a plan
  • the right foods
  • time
  • and techniques to make every aspect of food go smoothly.

BUT,  I really hate meal planning, I hate (I know that is a strong word, but oh so appropriate!) writing grocery lists and going to stores.  I dislike putting food away and cleaning food. The worst part is hearing complaints and serving first past bedtime after all that work and expense.

Meals Made Easy by

I decided I needed to find a way around as much as I could!

And I am happy to report that I now know how to

  • use a one month menu over and over again
  • not use cookbooks
  • create a master shopping list
  • do all my grocery shopping in 3 hours a month for $600
  • make breakfasts and lunches in 10 minutes
  • make dinners in 15-45 minutes
  • rarely throw out food
  • rarely hear complaints
  • move efficiently in the kitchen
  • minimize messes
  • pack meals for travel

If you are wanting to simplify meals, even if it is only for you, I can show you how.

This week, I launched a 90 minute ecourse called Meals Made Easy, that shares all my best kept secrets.  I love sharing these things with people and seeing them be able to focus on other things in life, knowing that the food is running mostly on autopilot!

Click on the image below to learn more!


Or you can watch the promo video!


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