How to Style Shelves

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For the DIY decorator styling shelves is like knowing how to make a wreath or paint a nightstand. You really need to know it because if you don’t your decor will probably frustrate you.

So, let’s break it down, shall we?

There really are only three things you need to remember to get that effortless looking display.

How to Style Shelves

How to Style Shelves Farmhousestyle by
  • Before you get started, clear everything off your shelves and take this opportunity to deep clean them.
  • Next, gather all your potential decorations. Items like big baskets, matching dishes, vintage books, pictures and artwork and small random antiques or natural pieces work really well. Oh, don’t forget some greenery. Always, have at least one pop of green!
  • Now you are ready to start designing! Start with the bottom shelf first. Add in a couple of “heavy” pieces. By this I mean, visually heavy. So, anything large or dark colored. This adds a foundational weight to the whole scene.
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  • The next part I like to call “zig zagging”. As you begin to add other pieces in, keep a diagonal pattern going. Pictures should not be directly above, beside or below another picture. Dishes shouldn’t be directly above, beside or below other dishes. Keep darks, lights and plants going in diagonal patterns for the viewer.
  • The final tip is to think of the shelves from a bird’s eye view. Again, zig zag the items from this angle. From the front view it will look like layering and some things to the front, while others are positioned at the back of the shelves.

Now to see all this in action, watch this quick video on how I styled our bookshelves for spring this year!

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