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How to Decorate for Fall in an English Cottage Style

Looking for Inspiration for your Fall Decorations? You’re in the right place!

The transition to the Fall season has arrived (at least for us here) and along with that comes the desire to bring all the cozy and warm feelings into our houses.

I’m happy to share that it’s easier to do than you might think, and you might already have some of these items on hand that just require a fresh set of eyes!

With renewed perspective, these items can lend themselves beautifully to Fall decor – and some even carry on through Winter!

These first few items I’ll share are the things I think you’re most likely to have already, if you’re anything like me! Then we’ll dive into some things you might be able to find outside, and a few things that can be sewn and some that can be thrifted.

And now if you’re ready…

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20 Fall Decorations:

Number One | Black and White Photos & Sketches

I love how simple it is to use this tip! The content of the picture or sketch doesn’t even matter as much as the moody colors!

But if you happen to have one that is quintessential fall, it’s even better!

Adding a bold frame is a great option to really make it stand out.

Number Two | Clothing that Goes With the Season

This is one that everyone has! Fall is a great time to pull out boots, scarves, umbrellas, and coats! You can either use extra pieces you don’t plan on using this season, or find cute ways to display the items you will be using!

These hunter boots come out each fall due to their necessity, but also because I love how they look among my other fall decor pieces!

No one says our important and useful seasonal items have to stick out like a sore thumb!

Number Three | Old Books

If you know me or have been following along for any length of time, you know my love for vintage books with delicious linen covers in an array of beautiful colors.

For my fall decorations I pull all my books out that are in khaki, brown and rust shades, and sometimes even my greens. They’re just perfect this time of year!

Number Four | Chocolate Brown Accents

And speaking of Fall colors, this is historically the only time of the year that I decorate with chocolate brown!

I especially love grouping it with grey! It creates a collection that has instant cozy Fall vibes!

Styling Thrifted Decorations by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Five | Copper

Fall is the perfect time to bring out your copper accents!

I’ve been adding to my copper mug display because I especially love love seeing them all together! I think it creates the greatest impact!

They look lovely on mantles, shelves, or as centerpieces. And they’re the most sophisticated and subtle “pumpkin” look you can go for in your Fall decorations as far as I’m concerned!

Number Six | Firewood

If you use wood to heat your home, this is a great dual use piece! You can get the most bang for your buck by styling it in a pretty way when it’s waiting to be used up!

And even if you don’t need it for heat purposes, there’s nothing wrong with getting a few pieces to add some visual warmth and character to your space! (See what I did there?)

Number Seven | White Mums & Sunflowers

I just love getting these big pots of white mums from Costco each year! They’re about $15, but they last through the entire season!

I’ve heard that you can over-winter mums, but haven’t ever had luck! If you have done it successfully, can you please leave your comments down below? I’d love to know your tips!

I love growing sunflowers and having fresh bouquets to decorate with at the end of the summer growing season.

They add so much life and color to our Fall which often brings along wet cold days.

Number Eight | Supplemental Lighting

With the shorter days, anything you can add to create a cozy atmosphere after the sun is down is an OK in my book!

The best ways to do that is by pulling out your lanterns, string lights for the front porch, or candles for inside your home.

Number Nine | Ornamental Kale

Kale is such a fun texture to add to floral displays during Fall! I found a great quality faux one at Hobby Lobby last year, and I hope you’re able to get them again if anyone goes back!

I know there are debates about which is better, faux or real – but often, if it’s realistic, my answer is that the faux is better! Not only are they hard to tell apart, but the faux will last for 10-15 years! Win, win!

Number Ten | Oak Leaves

I think oak leaves add so much depth to your decor! I love adding them on coffee tables, chandeliers, my piano – pretty much anywhere I’m adding other Fall decor pieces.

We have plenty of oak leaves to choose from here, so those are among my favorites, but really any fall colored foliage or branch can work!

Number Eleven | Turkey Feathers

This is one you might not have laying around already (except for you farmers, I see you!) – but turkey feathers are so vibrant, and add a unique look that you might not have thought of using for Fall decorations!

My favorite way to style them is to put them in a vase like a bouquet of flowers!

Number Twelve | Antlers

These also aren’t standard fare for everyone, but if you have an antler collection, Fall is a great time to display them, and I think they work right on all the way through Christmas and winter decor!

Number Thirteen | Sweater Pillow

Now if you already sew or are in the market for a great beginning project, you can upcycle a thrifted sweater into a sweater pillow!

I have a tutorial HERE from when I made this pillow a few years back. It’s a favorite to pull back out in the Fall.

(Also please notice the cute boots, tip #2 and the book, tip #3!)

Number Fourteen | Velvet Pumpkins

This is another super easy DIY that screams Fall! A little bit of velvet, a real stem from a pumpkin, squash or zucchini, some hotglue, rice, and a few minutes of preparation and viola – you’ve got these adorable decorations that also double as lovely gifts!

Number Fifteen | Plaid Blankets

This is absolutely the time to pull out the plaid blankets and tuck them in wherever possible!

Sometimes I use them as a full stack out on the porch, other times I add one or two as throw blankets on my window seat, couch or living room chairs.

No matter where they are, they bring the color & coziness of Fall right where it needs to be!

Number Sixteen | Picnic Baskets

There’s just something about pretty wicker baskets that make them appropriate for just about every season or occasion! I love having them set out for Fall, especially in picnic basket form! Spring & Summer picnics are great, but cozy Fall picnics are a whole other type of lovely.

Number Seventeen | Brown Amber Bottles

I shared about these during my Styling Thrifted Decorations for Fall post, but they deserve to be mentioned again here!

What’s fun about these is that if you start paying attention, you’ll find them all over – they’ll just need to be washed and the labels removed. Even that soy sauce jar can be a cute addition to your collection!

Number Eighteen | Brown Transferware

If you’re unfamiliar with transferware, it’s beautiful sketched artwork on dishes! They come in all colors, but brown especially is perfect for Fall! It adds the most beautiful, traditional English cottage feel.

Number Nineteen | Gather Garland

This garland has to go down in the books as being one of my favorite Fall DIY projects! I just think it turned out perfectly, and each year I can’t wait to pull it out to display it again. Plus it was really easy to make! Click here if you’d like the tutorial & templates!

Thanksgiving Banner Printable by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Twenty | Acorns

And last, but certainly not least – these beautiful, glam acorns! I found them years back in the Target dollar spot, so I’m sorry I don’t have a link for you! BUT, know that these would be really easy to DIY if you had a source to get real acorns from! Simply brush on the gold paint and let dry!

I use them all over my house – it’s almost like a “Where’s Waldo” game trying to spot these cuties scattered around my decor.

I hope these ideas inspired and encouraged you that Fall decor really can be simple and done with items that you might have already!

If you can think of any other great ideas that I didn’t add, please put them in the comments below for the rest of our community!

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