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Merry Christmas, My Dear!

I’m celebrating you this Christmas, my Dear!

I’m so thankful for the entire She Holds Dearly community and the great year we’ve had together! It’s such an honor that my job is to get to create and share content with you and the rest of the lovely ladies here just like you!

As a fun way to say thank you for being here, I present you with this gift:

My 2021 Bloopers

And if you can’t get enough of those, we also have a 2020 Bloopers Reel available for your viewing pleasure.

Looking for some New Year’s Inspiration?

I also thought you might enjoy a quick list of some great posts to help you kick off the New Year:

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, my dear, and that you get to celebrate Jesus’ birth with friends and family.

And Happy New Year! I’m certainly looking forward to a lovely 2022 with YOU!

Make sure you’re signed up on the Waitlist for my Behind the Scenes class so you don’t miss out on any important announcements! 😉

Merry Christmas, My Dear! xoxo

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