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Jane Austen Inspired Vintage Grove Bathroom Mural

If you’ve ever considered a bathroom mural… you’re in the right place for encouragement and inspiration!

Our Bathroom update is finished and the mural is an absolute show-stopper! A few weeks ago I shared 6 Ways to Elevate Your Bathroom and while it was well received – there was some disappointment about my decision – at the time – to not add wallpaper.

I knew I needed to live with the fresh paint for a short time before I made the final decision. And after a few weeks with the new color and after receiving a few last minute wallpaper samples – my mind was made up. Our bathroom DID need wallpaper. And not just any wallpaper, but a beautiful, Jane Austen inspired mural.

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There’s no window in this bathroom, so I loved the idea of a mural that felt like the outdoors. I was very inspired by period dramas like Pride & Prejudice and Downton Abbey that had large picture windows in their bathrooms.

And lucky for me, I found a company that specializes in murals. Rebel Walls is located in Sweden and they make custom murals based on your room dimensions. The pictures are hand painted and then blown up to your specific needs.

I decided on the Vintage Grove mural in Green for our bathroom!

It arrived in 2 large rolls with 10 sheets that were 8′ long each. (That was the size I requested). The panels are numbered and it feels like you’re putting a giant puzzle together on your walls as you install!

Ever since we got the mural installed, this has become one of my favorite places to be in our home!

It feels timeless and elegant, which is exactly what I was going for.

10 Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them
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If you’re new to wallpapering – here are some tips from our experience!

  • It works best as a 2-person job. Have one on the ladder doing the installation, and the second person on the ground passing tools and anticipating what might be needed next. My job, as the ground helper was also to hold the bottom half of the wallpaper off the wall while my husband was aligning the top edge perfectly.
  • Next, we pre-planned the layout before starting the mural to make sure that the largest groupings of the trees were in the corners – because that was the look we liked best!
  • Pay attention to which sections of the paper you will lose based on outlet locations & windows. Neither of those things were applicable for us in this room – but you’ll want to pay special attention to them if they’re present in the room you’re wallpapering.
  • If you have a vaulted ceiling – shoot for a more forgiving pattern to accommodate the changing angles of the slopes. The Vintage Grove paper that we used was perfect for this.

And here are a few more details that show the finished look around the rest of the room!

I’m loving our new Pottery Barn sconces, and I’m so happy that I decided to go with the white shower curtain with green velvet ribbon ties. It reminds me of a sweet French summer sun-dress.

I found this industrial feeling soap dish and just loved the whimsy & quirkiness of it. The soap was reacting badly when set inside the metal tray, so I added a gilded oyster shell as a protective layer.

For the rug, I went through my stash of 2×3′ rugs from Ruggable that I use as samples for clients and chose the one that I thought looked best with the wallpaper. This one is called the Kamran Hazel Rug.

I used my same glass containers for cotton rounds, facial oil & toilet cleaning tablets.

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