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How to Make Velvet Pumpkins

It turns out that making velvet pumpkins is a piece of cake, or should I say pumpkin pie in this case?

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

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I’m kicking myself for not making them years ago when I first laid eyes on them. This would be such a fun craft idea for a party and if you happen to be my friend and your birthday is in the fall, well, you just might be getting velvet pumpkins for your present this year!

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

I don’t know why I have been so intimidated by them until now. In less than an hour and for a few dollars you can have a little set of the sweetest fall decorations ever.

And, surprise! You probably have a lot of the supplies sitting right under your nose.

Materials Needed

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

My dear friend, Tanya, came over for lunch and a play date on a rainy September day.

We whipped up a whole, little pumpkin patch by the fire and only had one dramatic moment when a naughty pig got out of his pen.

The two of us, with all the kids were running around like crazy chasing that pig,

finally, we offered him a nectarine and that did the trick!

Hopefully, you won’t need to catch any pigs during your pumpkin production time.

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial


  • Draw a circle on the back side of your fabric with your sharpee. It doesn’t need to be a perfect circle, just do your best. If you want to trace something, a salad plate makes a small pumpkin.  A 16″ (diameter) circle makes a medium pumpkin, 24″ (diameter)  makes a large pumpkin.

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

  • Cut out your circle with your fabric scissors.
  • Thread your needle with your upholstery thread or unwaxed dental floss, we liked doubling the thread and making a big, messy knot at the end.
  • Hand stitch using a large running stitch. Start about one inch from the edge of the circle and make your stitches about one inch wide. Continue until you have stitched around the entire circle.

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

  • Cinch up your circle and fill with rice or beans until you like the size and weight. Use the canning funnel for the medium and large pumpkins.

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

  • Pull on the thread as hard as you can and tuck the edges inside. Now stitch across the top a few times to hold it in place. I also liked stitching straight through the bottom a couple of times so they had an indent for the stems. Use an upholstery needle for the large pumpkins.
  • Knot the thread, cut and hide the the extra thread inside the pumpkin.

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

  • Hot glue the stem in place, but be careful to not use too much glue or it will show on the velvet.

These little pumpkins look so good anywhere I put them in the house and

I would love to have them marching down my Thanksgiving table this year, all mixed in with vintage books and ironstone soup tureens.

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

Scroll down for a fun surprise and links on where to purchase these pumpkins!

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

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Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

Stuffed fabric pumpkin tutorial

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