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Farmhouse Living Room Plans

It’s time for a change in our living room! Read on to see what our updated Living Room Plans entail! 

Now that the holidays are past and we got through the Finding Time to Hold Dearly launch.

Its time to turn our attention to some room makeovers.

Happy dance!

As I mentioned earlier, our living room has felt heavy and dark for awhile and I’m ready to brighten the place up a bit.

In the past, when we renovate a room, it can take us a year. Time and money are always harder to come by than we wish and sometimes I just can’t make up my mind about what I like.

This room have been gutted, rewired and sheet rocked.  The hardwoods were restored when we moved in.

We are done with replacing windows, knocking out walls and demolition of chimneys in here. So, theoretically, this should go pretty fast, right?

Just some paint, fabric, a couple of Craigslist pieces and a little new decor.


Well, I know better than to believe it is going to be that easy, but I am still going to keep it to approximately 12 major changes and plan to be done in 12 weeks.

Let me try to walk you through the room.

View from the front door.

Living Room, Before and After, Makeover, Interior Design Plans

Just inside the door, to the left.

Farmhouse living room, mood board, inspiration

View from the couch.

Living Room, Before and After, Makeover, Interior Design Plans

To the left of the window seat.

Farmhouse living room, mood board, inspiration

View from the window seat.

Living Room, Before and After, Makeover, Interior Design Plans

And, finally, the view from the kitchen.

Living Room, Before and After, Makeover, Interior Design Plans

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Here are the problems I will be addressing:

  • Room is too dark and heavy
    • Walls, armoire and book case are getting painted, probably white
    • Strip the three chairs and table down to raw wood and give them a coat of white wax
  • No real entryway
    • Create a transitioning area near the front door with a console table to the right of the front  door. Add a gallery wall.
  • Chairs are broken and uncomfortable
    • Reupholster the two matching chairs and King Louis desk chair in antique hemp sheets.
  • Couch is too orange
    • Paint with leather paint to darken it.
  • No real coffee table
    • Look for a square one, the room is long and pretty narrow. In the past, rectangular coffee table solutions emphasize how narrow the room is.
  • Don’t care for the yellow piano anymore
    • Paint cream
  • Redesign the window seat
    • Replace or stop using the seat cushion. Decide on pillow designs and make a few for the couch, as well.
  • Change curtains to white?
    • Maybe, maybe not.
  • Non-functioning desk
    • I’d like a new lamp and to make the whole area more user friendly.
  • Broken dresser, trim is missing and drawers don’t slide open and close very well.
    • Repair the dresser and move son’s Legos into the drawers.
  • Old speakers (flanking armoire)
    • From my husband’s college years. Yup, he’s 45 now.  I just keep waiting for them to die and they are eternal. Something smaller would be nice. (wink!)
  • Toy Closet (between armoire and dresser)- no light, lath and plaster are really damaged in there.
    • Add a light and plank the walls, may paint the french door that leads into there, as well.

Whew, that is quite a list!

Wish me luck!

Source List from Mood Board

To see the finished room, visit Farmhouse Living Room Reveal!



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