What Your Decorating Says About You

What Your Decorating Says About You

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I have been reflecting lately on how my decorating style has changed over the years.

A simple theory has been forming in my mind.

A theory that says there might be two parts involved in a decorating style.

We looked for our property and farmhouse for a decade. All during that time, I had this sketchbook I would lovingly work on. It was before the days of Pinterest, so it was Better Homes and Gardens magazines for me. I would cut out my favorite pictures and glue them down with sketches, notes and swatches all swirling around.

I was more than ready to see that book come to life when we bought our place! I knew exactly what I wanted and we went went right to work.

1906 Farmhouse Tour, Sleigh Bed
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That was seven years ago and I am finding myself wanting to change things now, even after all the initial thought and heart that went into my designs.

I have already painted my kitchen walls white and made white slipcovers for my recliners.

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My living room looks dark and heavy now (granted, my photography skills have improved since I took this shot) and will be madeover in the next couple of months.

1906 Farmhouse tour, painted piano

At first, I felt shallow and sad about wanting to change things, like I’m not grateful for having my “dream house”.

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But, I realize two things now.

  1. I was designing my dream house during a time when browns, olive greens, golds, turquoise and a “Tuscany style” was trending. As much as I don’t want to think trends affect me, I can see that they do, at least, in part.
  2.  There was a tremendous amount of loss, uncertainty and pain going on in my life when we first started the remodel. I can see how my use of dark, heavy furniture was comforting, like it was symbolizing stability. My use of color was a need to have some celebrating going on around me. Even typing that just brought tears to my eyes.

Now, I am in a new place with my family, health and blog where my cup is running over – in a good way. In fact, there is so much going on inside my head and heart now, that I am craving simplicity and “white space”- literally, in my home.

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So, while I enjoy trends and think that if you are doing it out of joy and not competing and comparing with others- oh, and not spending money you don’t have (!),

then it’s fine to enjoy the changes in the design industry.

I  now also think what you are drawn to can be a picture into something much deeper as to where you are in life and what you needing from your home.

Do those ideas resonate with you?