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All About the New Cottagecore Design Style

Have you been hearing the term “cottagecore” popping up more and more in design circles? Let’s talk about some of what is included in this new-to-most style!

*Feature Photo Credit to Brambly Cottage Ashbury Wallpaper. *

I first mentioned cottagecore in my Interior Design Trends for 2021 Blog Post from a few weeks ago and tucked within the responses were quite a few requests to do a post on what exactly cottagecore is!

And I’m HAPPY to oblige. SO many aspects of this style and aesthetic bring me a lot of joy.

Today I’ll focus both on elements that are part of the look, and also share some ideas about how you can incorporate it into your own home!

And I have to say, this style is fairly new to me as well, so I’m learning right along with you! The good news is that it has lots of familiar elements, so I’m guessing if you’re anything like me, you’ll find some things to pick out that you love!

Photo Credit: Country Living

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What is Cottagecore?

If you start perusing Pinterest for cottagecore, you’ll immediately find a lot of the following:

  • Fields of wildflowers
  • Fairy tale cottages in the woods
  • Tons of femininity
  • English country-side and English garden influences
  • A very wild and free, romantic woodland sort of atmosphere.

When you break that down further you find very muted colors like watery blue, buttery yellow, and LOTS of different greens, with accents of warm grey.

Photo Credit : Devol Kitchens

One of the things I love most about so much of this look is that it’s not at all fussy!

You can look through most of these interior design pictures and right away you realize that you could probably thrift every single item in them. Everything feels very reasonable and that is so refreshing!

Photo Credit : @viktoriashu on Instagram

Other aspects of this style

I mentioned this in the trend post as well, but it really feels like 2020 as a year changed the interior design community pretty drastically. People who might have previously considered themselves minimalists began to be okay with a little bit of “clutter”. By that, I mean more comfortable with having things around them in their home. And I think that stemmed from wanting their home to feel cozy and somewhere they don’t mind spending the majority of their time.

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Another interior design element I see used a lot within cottagecore is shelving. We’re talking shelves all the way up to the ceiling and even wrapping around the ceiling.

Plants abound, and cozy candlelight rules supreme.

Photo Credit: @thrift_plantabode_

Cottagecore Textiles:

In textiles, there’s absolutely no fear about textures, florals, and layers. Vintage rugs lay alongside rustic wooden furniture.

I’ll share a bit more about textiles (of another kind) at the end of this post!

Photo Credit Sarah Greenman

Curtains are bold and colorful and sometimes even found in less expected places like under cabinets and desks.

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Cottagecore Kitchen Spaces:

The kitchens I’m seeing feel just like an English picnic. Grandma’s china is out of the box and proudly displayed and used. Tea sets, lace, and wildflower bouquets are plentiful.

Photo Credit: Windows & Windows
Photo Credit : Hello Jenesais

Continuing through the house:

I think this cottagecore style is helping to usher in another era of people who are more open to wallpaper again, with lots of botanical prints and beautiful colors. I’ve seen some really lovely hand-painted florals right alongside bold wallpapers, and I really love it!

Photo Credit : House & Garden – Tess Newall
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Gallery walls are also big, and in a much “messier” and less polished style than we might be used to.

Photo Credit : House & Garden

I love how they even have a row of mismatched chairs in front of this jam-packed wall.

Daintily painted furniture is just about everywhere you look within cottagecore!

Photo Credit:

Also, did I mention that there are books? Vintage books? And lots of them? How could I not love that?!

We’re talking floor-to-ceiling books with vintage linen covers, stacked and piled in all sorts of ways until there’s not room for much else. (Except for your other great cottagecore knick-knacks, obviously!)

There’s really nothing pretentious about cottage core, and that’s such a breath of fresh air!

Yes, some of these spaces look a little bit cluttered and are probably a bit of a hassle when dusting day comes around, but what you gain is that these spaces seem very child-friendly and forgiving. And who doesn’t need a little bit more forgiveness in their everyday life?

I feel like this look as a whole gives off such a humble, cozy, authentic life with a bohemian undertone. And I’m here for it!

I’m really curious to hear what you think about this newer-to-us style, and what your favorite part is! You can answer in the comments below.

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How to Incorporate It

If you’re liking pieces of this style but maybe aren’t quite ready to jump in head first, here are some fun ways to start slow!

  • Work on adding more color into your decor and accent pieces.
  • Add some cottage-style elements to a single room, like this example of a subtle and moody office
Photo Credit Sarah Greenman
  • Paint your doors & millwork a soft blue
  • Add a floral wallpaper to an accent wall
Photo Credit Sarah Greenman
  • If you like the sort of indie Gypsy feel, maybe use a piece like this platform bed from Urban Outfitters to update your bedroom.

For some really authentic Cottagecore inspiration, I recommend following @bonjourmoon on Instagram!!

Another Element of Cottagecore Design

Now I don’t venture outside of my interior design topics too often here on the blog, but I couldn’t help but show you some of the gorgeous cottagecore clothing that is in style through this process!

Things you can expect to see:

  • Dreamy white peasant dresses
  • Puff sleeve florals
  • Smocking for days
The “Madeline Dress” by Ivy City Co
  • Slouchy cardigans layered over sun dresses for a cooler day.
  • Soft feminine blouses, sometimes paired with high-waisted pants in a solid color.

Oh, and of course a handkerchief over your hair to complete the look!

My own daughters have a love for this look in both fashion and decorating, which has been a great thing for us to share.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sweet peek into the romantic and cozy world of cottagecore! Let me know below what your favorite part is!

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