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Choosing a Vintage Style Couch by sheholdsdearly.com

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One of the most common I get from readers is

“Where can I purchase custom slipcovers from?”

I can make my own and have shown how in How to Slipcover a Recliner.

But, I know that a large group of my readers cannot sew or have no desire to sew.  Needless to say, I have looked high and low for a solution to this common problem.

And I am delighted to report that I have found an answer!!

So, to my reader who has hit a brick wall when it comes to obtaining a slipcover. . .

This post is for you! 

We recently purchased the above couch, called the Farlov, from IKEA.  My only complaint with this couch was the slipcover. The Ikea fabric had almost a fish net feel to it.

It needed something softer and more European, but I just didn’t have the time or energy to make a slipcover for it.

I started researching my options.  That was when I stumbled upon a unique company called Bemz.

Have you heard of it?

 Bemz Custom Slipcover


~A heartfelt thank you to Bemz for sponsoring this post.~

  Bemz Custom Slipcover


Bemz launched in 2005 by making covers to fit the most popular models of IKEA sofas, armchairs and chairs – even the discontinued ones – with the idea of extending the life of a product in a customised way.

As, I dug deeper ino this company, I was more and more fascinated! Here are some of their most impressive features. . .

What I love about Bemz

  •  Offers slipcovers for just about anything from Ikea that involves fabric
    • For example sofas, parsons chairs, pillows, footstools, headboards, armchairs, bedspread, curtains, bedskirts, even bean bags
    • Or you can just buy your fabric by the meter
    • Slipcovers fit Ikea furniture like a glove

Online Custom Slipcovers by sheholdsdearly.com

  • 250+ fabric choices
  • Your choice of 5 free fabric swatches, mailed to you
    • A must-have for any decorator!
    • They even gave me a design suggestion via email, once they knew what I was looking for
  • High quality fabric
    • Pre-shrunk
    • Pre-treated for protection from stains
    • Machine washable
  • Made to order
  • Ships from Europe
    • Allow three weeks from date of order~however mine arrived a few days earlier than they anticipated
  • 14 Day Return Policy~this shocked me! Who does that, who let’s you return a custom order??
  • Quality Guarantee for three years
  • THE BEST PARTUsing fabric is one of the best ways to update the look of a room.
    • I can see us using this couch for a long time and just updating the slipcover over the years
    • Wouldn’t velvet be gorgeous for the winter???? Gah!

Comfy Farmhouse Couch Bemz Custom Slipcover by sheholdsdearly.com


Ok, so let’s talk about what it takes to get your own custom slipcover from Bemz.

The Design Steps to Take

Go here to find your specific IKEA product, I ordered the slipcover for the Farlov couch from IKEA.

  • Order 5 free fabric swatches by filling out the online form. I ended up getting more and will list my choices below. . .
    • Rosendal Pure Washed Linen- Unbleached
    • Belgian Linen Blend- Sand Beige
    • Belgian Linen Blend- Unbleached Linen
    • Linen Blend- Linara Peach Skin Porridge
    • Designer’s Guild 100% Linen- Natural
    • Brinken Herringbone- Absolute White
    • Brunna Melange- Sand Beige
    • Belgian Linen Blend- Soft White ~this is the one I chose! *Update- DO NOT put this in the dryer, it will shrink by three inches everywhere.  You MUST line dry these slipcovers!
    • Rosendal Pure Washed Linen- Absolute White ~this was my first choice, but my slipcover didn’t come in it, however, I did get two pillow covers with this fabric.

Best Place to Buy Couch Slipcovers by sheholdsdearly.com

  • Try your samples for a week, check them several times as the light changes throughout the day.

Sofa Covers Online by sheholdsdearly.com

  • Place your order at Bemz.com
  • Allow three weeks for sewing and shipping
  • Do a happy dance when your box arrives
  • Create a whole new look in minutes

Best Farmhouse Sofa by sheholdsdearly.com

Here is a close up of the texture on the Belgian Linen Blend- Soft White.

Best Sofa Brand Slipcover by sheholdsdearly.com

Box pleats are some of my favorite details on slipcovers!

Custom Couch Slipcovers Bemz Custom Slipcovers Bemz Custom Slipcover

And here are is one of the pillow covers (the middle pillow) in

Rosendal Pure Washed Linen- Absolute White.


Best Sofa Designs by sheholdsdearly.com


Choosing a "Vintage" Sofa by sheholdsdearly.com

I hope you love this company as much as I do!  They are kind of a decorating miracle for me!

Current Sales Include

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Save 10% on all velvet covers until October 31, 2017

Several of my sample fabrics are 30% off

I’m so looking forward to hearing about your new slipcovers and feel free to leave me another request in the comments for a specific decorating dilemma you are having.



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  1. delia
    October 28, 2017 / 4:14 AM

    hi there i am very interested in having 2 slip covers for 2 chairs
    how do i do this??

    • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
      October 28, 2017 / 5:09 AM

      Delia, are your chairs from IKEA? If so, go to the Bemz website, linked in the post and find your chairs. Then, order fabric samples and decide on the fabric. Once you know this you can very easily tell Bemz which chairs and which fabric you want. Good luck!

  2. shelley
    October 29, 2017 / 11:27 AM

    What s fabulous idea !!! I am wondering if there is a company that does slip covers for Ethan Allen furniture. I have chairs that I would love to slip cover. Reupholstering is crazy expensive .
    Thank you for sharing. Stumbled across your blog through Starfish Cottage and I am so excited to start following you and I look forward to more great ideas for farmhouse decor! Happy Sunday.

    • Connie
      October 31, 2017 / 7:38 AM

      I just ordered a custom slipcover from Needle and Shears and can’t wait to get them. It takes approx. 6 weeks but they will make for any furniture maker.

      • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
        November 7, 2017 / 5:02 AM

        Thanks for the tip, Connie! I hope you love your slipcover. xoxo

    • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
      November 7, 2017 / 4:58 AM

      Hi Shelley, I’m so glad our paths have crossed! Welcome. I agree that reupholstering is crazy expensive. I am still looking for a resource that makes slipcovers for any brand of furniture, but I am guessing that someone local would be best the try first.

  3. sherry
    November 1, 2017 / 5:40 AM

    need slipcovers for camel style sofa…is an antique

    • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
      November 7, 2017 / 9:53 AM

      Hmmm, I wonder if Bemz has a good contact for items that are non-IKEA.??

    • Kaylee
      September 19, 2018 / 6:21 AM

      For camel back sofas you can contact coverissimo.net .They can make custom slipcovers of any shape and size.

      • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
        October 26, 2018 / 9:12 PM

        This is such a fabulous resource, thank you so much for telling me!

  4. April 27, 2020 / 12:37 PM

    Hello! I am wondering where you found your beautiful iron sconce!?

  5. Sam
    May 10, 2021 / 2:20 PM

    Hi! I’m so happy to have found your review. I’m planning to get bemz covers for the Ikea Soderhamn chaise sofa, and want desperately to have a comfy white sofa. I ordered a bunch of absolute white samples but can’t make up my mind! The original cotton is so incredibly soft, but yes, definitely a dust magnet – it got dirty from just my fingers touching it. I emailed Bemz customer support, and they said I could use Scotchgard on it, but I’m still afraid it won’t be enough. I like the simply linen and Belgian linen, but they feel rough to touch, especially the Belgian linen. But the simply linen, though softer, isn’t stain treated. I also find the Belgian linen a bit shiny, which I’m not a fan of. So my question is – do you find the Belgian linen soft on the skin? Like would you put your face down and nap on it? Do you find it shiny?

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