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Blue & White Summer Tablescape

I usually have a moment when the seasons are about to change.

A moment where I wonder- Can I actually reinvent this place, yet again?

But, I head to my beloved Pinterest boards and the ideas start to flow. For more ideas, scroll down to the bottom of this post for lots of a collection of some of my favorite bloggers’ latest table designs.

Depending on where you are at with all this seasonal decorating hype, I suggest using blue and white as your base, if not for your only summer decor.

Honestly, it can be a continuation of your Easter/ spring decor even. That is, if you used blue!

I started my summer decor this week and you guessed it – its blue. and. white. My reasoning behind this is that I can easily add in my patriotic reds for the Fourth of July and just as easily extract them and hold onto a strong summer presence into September. Kind of like when you pull the reds out of your Christmas decor to extend the shelf life as “winter”.;)

I just focused on the dining room table to jump start my new look. Using a white star platter as my base for my centerpiece, I added my recently crafted faux farmhouse style bouquet.

After that, I brought in my plain white dishes, pearl handled silverware and Ikea drinking glasses.

I had some old napkins from that one time I threw a Mary Poppins birthday party, so those finally got some more use. And I pulled out last year’s driftwood sailboats I made with my daughter, added some little gift tags from Joanns and used these as my “party favors/ place cards”.

Finally, I added my collection of blue transferware and some fancy pants breakfast foods. As I kept snapping pics the food was slowly disappearing. Little teenaged hands kept interfering until I at long last announced that I was done with the photo shoot and dinner was served. 🙂 #bloggerlife

I love the light summery vibe going on here, don’t you? Do you have summer colors that you love to use as a base, let me know in the comments which ones are your favorites! I can’t wait to hear.

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Blue & White Summer Tablescape by sheholdsdearly.com

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