Why You Are Your Best Decorator

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A lot of us are trying to do our own decorating in our own homes, especially in this little DIY decorating corner of the world that you find yourself in. I believe there are some true advantages to the DIY route. Here are three of my top reasons why I think you are your best decorator.

There is definitely a time and a place to hire a professional, and they can be worth every penny. But a lot of us either don’t want to spend our money that way or we truly enjoy the process and are trying to learn more.

If that is you, take heart.

Here are my top three reasons why you were your best decorator. . .

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Number One

You have time on your side. The hardest part of working in the design industry and taking clients was the time pressure that I was always under.

As you can imagine, this is very stifling to creativity and can really suck the joy right out of the whole process.

I’ve heard from other architects and designers that they are often frustrated with these constraints, as well.

Always watching the clock and the budget and needing to cut corners when you know something could turn out better if you had a little more time- these things can really wear on you. 

It wasn’t always like that, but when it was it, was noticeably frustrating and the quality of work just wasn’t there.

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Having the freedom to move at your own pace in your own home is a gift that you may not have recognized before.

You can spend as long as you need shopping, you can try out samples for weeks and months, if you need to.

Instead of the pressure of buying everything new, you can remake the things that you already have or go with secondhand furniture and end up saving a ton of money on the whole project.

Time is your best friend, despite the fact that it might feel like you hate how long things are taking.

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Number Two

You have what I call “submersion” going for ya. You know when someone moves to a foreign country to learn the culture and the language?

They go in having very little understanding and just plan on being so engulfed with the nuances of that world that they will learn it in a really natural way.

This is how our children learn about our culture and our language! Submersion.

You are getting the same experience by living in one place and being able to understand every square inch of it.

You learn the ins and outs of that particular home. I like to call it house whispering. You have to be around the home and be still enough to understand what’s gonna work and what’s not.

You have to understand the needs of your family and your lifestyle, of the ebb and flow of your daily life so you can get the functionality needs right.

Whenever I move into a new house I just know it’s going to be a full year before it actually works well.

To get things hung on the wall and decide which cupboards need to hold which items, what areas need hooks for coats, etc, all this takes living in a space for an extended period of time.

When we first purchased our farm house, we had lofty goals of gutting, remodeling, adding an addition and finishing the house before we moved in.

There were a lot of setbacks and we did not even come close to those goals.

Except for the gutting part. Ha!

The bathrooms were wretched and stayed that way for at least four years.

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During that time I mourned the loss of the dream of moving into new bathrooms.

But in time, each of them was completed. And now I’m glad I had the extra time to really understand the space and all the details that I truly wanted.

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If I had had my way in the beginning, they would’ve been nicer and newer but they wouldn’t have had half the character that they do now.

So if you were in that waiting place, know that it may be a beautiful gift to you in the end.

Number Three

The third reason I think you are your best decorator is because you get to write your own story into your own space in a way that someone who hasn’t lived your life is not probably able to capture.

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So being a DIY decorator inherently means that you are making a lot of things and are very knowledgeable about the pieces in your home because it was your blood sweat and tears that made it happen.

You look at things differently than someone who does not DIY.

You can see the potential in something that your grandmother gave you that feels out of date but just needs a new coat of paint or a slipcover.

The story of where are you found the item or how long you had it or the process you had to go through to get it to look the way it is today makes your space incredibly rich and personalized.

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There is a time to just open a catalog, order everything and set it up.

But I’m guessing that it won’t have the shelf-life that the ultra personalized space has.

When you do you your own decorating your home can become a place that is rich with meaning and nostalgia.

 So there you have it, three reasons why you are your best decorator.

I hope you are encouraged.

Embrace the process and the place that you are in with your own home. There’s a very good chance that it’s going to turn out even better than it could have if you had hired professional help.

Now I’m curious, what is it that draws you to the DIY decorating lifestyle? And what would you add to this list??

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