Space Saving Dvd Organization

Condense your dvds down to practically nothing with this simple dvd organization hack. Get rid of those bulky plastic covers and opt for a sleeker look.

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The first step to a beautiful home is decluttering, decluttering, decluttering (sounds like three steps)!  The next step is to organize and if you can condense, by all means, condense.

This dvd organization hack is the best for condensing dvds down to practically nothing.

Truth be told, I’m not much of a movie person. We rarely even go to the dollar theatre. We have no cable and no Netflix, on purpose.  Try explaining that to the Comcast guy- no comprendo. . . . .

We wait months to get a new movie from the library and just gave up our VHS tapes.  Ok, that’s embarrassing, but come on, they are built like tanks!

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My favorite way to obtain “new” dvds is from garage sales for $2 max and I keep a running list of movies we are looking for.  But, about a year ago, I had had it with dvd cases and messy t.v. armoire cupboards.

I got the kids to focus on purging the dvds with me and then we transferred them all to these little plastic covers. 

Here is a comparison of ten dvds in the original plastic cases versus ten dvds in the little plastic envelope ones.

DVD Organization Hack

  • First, we took the paper cover and disc out of the plastic cover.
  • Then, we took scissors and trimmed the spine section of the paper cover away.
  • This left a front and back cover and a disc.
  • The plastic covers off Amazon can hold up to two discs.
    • However, if you have a collectors edition set, I would just keep them in their regular case.
  • Place the front page and the back page in the plastic cover.
  • Place the disc in the little fabric pocket and place in between the two pages.
  • Tuck the top flap into place.
  • Organize in a pretty container in alphabetical order.

It’s been a year since we set up our new system and we still love it!  We have room in the t.v. armoire for a whole cupboard of blankets and a shelf for workout gear.

Now, I just need to figure out more things to condense!!

Watch this video to see how easy it is!

Click HERE To access my Decluttering Flowchart to make your decluttering decisions easy!  

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