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Wash Your Hair Once a Week- Day Two by

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Follow along to see my weekly hair routine!

Wash Your Hair Once a Week- Day One by

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Day One

This is the day I wash my hair. Using a co-wash to save time, I wash my hair once or twice depending on if it needs it or not. Before I rinse it the last time, I comb all the tangles out with a wide tooth comb.

After towel drying for a while, I blow dry it with my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer. This is an ingenious invention (if you ask me!), someone figured out how turn a round brush into a hair dryer by blowing hot air out the center of the brush. This thing has cut my dry time in half!

At this point, I have invested about 20 minutes into my hair and want to be moving on to other things, so I stop here. Tomorrow, I will actually style my hair.

The only other thing I do is put my hair up in a messy bun with one of these coiled hair bands while I sleep. The unique shape creates and preserves curls instead of making that weird bump that regular hair bands leave in your hair.

Day Two

Wash Your Hair Once a Week- Day Two by

Today is the day I actually curl my hair. It is my best hair day, so if I have something special going on, I plan for the Day 2 hair!

I divide it into six sections and starting with the bottom section on one side, straighten and curl using my cheapo Target curling iron.

Leaving 1-2 inches sticking out the the end (meaning I don’t curl the ends), I curl towards my face and away from my face until I get to the top portions, then I curl all the curls away from my face. This gives more volume and a tosseled look from the back and more of a windblown look from the front. Finally, I finish with a finishing spray to make it extra silky.

At night I use the special pony tail holder mentioned above.

Day Three- Five

Wash Your Hair Once a Week- Day Three by

Now I rely heavily on the miracles of dry shampoo for the next few days! I divide the my hair into parts, one inch apart and spray the dry shampoo along my scalp. This works even for someone who works out every day.

I quickly touch up my curls, shine with the finishing spray and sleep with the ponytail holder.

Day Six

Wash Your Hair Once a Week- Day Six by

Now things are getting a little iffy, the product is starting to get built up in my hair and I can’t fake it much longer. I will usually wear a hat, but a scarf, headband, pony tail or messy bun would be a choice for Day 6, as well.

Day Seven

Wash Your Hair Once a Week- Day Seven by

Ok, now I’m really pushing my luck! On Day 7, I will use any of the above suggestions, but I need to be somewhere in public, there is one more option I will employ. I will quickly lean over the bathroom sink and wash just my bangs and the very top part of my hair with my cowash. Then, I blow dry and curl about six curls, finishing with the shine spray. Voila! One last day of decent hair with minimal work!

Watch this video to see how easy my Hair Routine is!

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I hope you try some of the tricks and find your hair to take less time, let me know in the comments if you have more tricks for hair. I’d love to hear em!!

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Wash Your Hair Once a Week by