Finding Time to Design

Finding Time to Design by She Holds Dearly

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Do you struggle to find time to design and implement the house projects you are dreaming of? What about that little whisper wish in your heart to open that shop, start that blog or write that book. Heck, maybe you just want to finish a book!

Or maybe you just want to stop feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted all the time.

You look at what fills your days and you can’t say with confidence that you actually enjoy your life.

Finding Time to Design by She Holds Dearly

Always having a fascination with productivity and organization, I naturally try systems and schedules to find new secrets to a peaceful and effective life. Back in January, as I was preparing to  launch She Holds Dearly, all my years of practicing efficiency were about to be taken to a new level of intensity. If you have read my about page, you will know that I homeschool three children, renovate our hundred-plus year old farmhouse and run a small farm. I also cook from scratch almost exclusively, am a big Dave Ramsey fan (hence, our aggressive financial goals), love Crossfit, want my house to be beautiful and I actually want to get sleep at night. Is that too much ask? These are some of the big ticket items, there are more, but you get the picture.

I don’t have time to start a stinking blog!

A well run blog takes 20-40 hours a week to maintain.

In spite of my perceived lack of hours in the day, I still believed it was time to pursue this.

Finding Time to Design by She Holds Dearly

 I began hacking the living daylights out of everything I did to figure out how to create time to blog. How could I get out of menu planning, shopping and mending? How could I still have to time make my bed and spend one on one time with each of my beloved family members?

Its been seven months and I’m here to say, I created a system that affords me 30 hours a week to continue blogging, and more importantly to not neglect the other essential responsibilities in my life. I’m thinking of compiling all my productivity secrets into a course for my readers, but my question for you today is –

Is this something you are interested in?

Click here to learn more about our online course, Finding Time to Hold Dearly, that focuses on intentional living and time management. 

A comprehensive course intentional living and time management

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

One of the things that needed to get under control right away was my phone! Sorry, Instagram, you know I love you, but good grief, I could spend 5 hours a day on there! Not to mention all the other things we have access to on our devices now.

I noticed I kept checking the time and would consequently get distracted with other things on my phone. I needed to cut out reasons to be on my iPhone.

Enter the classic wrist watch.

Yes, I know, you are right, I am taking a step back in technology. But, I needed to.

Finding Time to Design by She Holds Dearly

 I’m not a jewelry girl, per se. My go-to accessories are my wedding ring and some el cheapo hoop earrings I bought from Target about 10 years ago.

I own one necklace and when I really want to dress up, its a cocktail ring and maybe some cuff bracelets. So, committing to a watch was kind of a big deal for me.

I have had a Jord wood watch on my wish list for awhile. It’s unique and simple. So, when Jord contacted me to work with them, I already knew I was interested.

Finding Time to Design by She Holds Dearly
*This post sponsored by Jord*
Finding Time to Design by She Holds Dearly
Finding Time to Design by She Holds Dearly

(I couldn’t resist including these shots of my daughter borrowing my watch with her baby bunnies.)

What I didn’t know was that I would be blown away by everything else about them.

  • excellent customer service, Kelsey promptly answered all my questions and had me measure my wrist for correct sizing.
  • incredibly fast shipping, it took about two days to arrive.
  • beautiful packaging, I’m such a sucker for good marketing. It came in a carved, wooden box and was displayed on a tiny pillow.
  • generous warrantee, Jord will replace your watch for up to one year.

This watch has been the perfect piece to add to my minimalist jewelry collection, but there are other people I would recommend a wood watch to . . .

Anyone who

  • has a natural, simple style
  • needs something to wear with virtually everything in their closet
  • considers themselves to be a jewelry junkie
  • needs to find  a unique gift
  • wants to cut back on the time spent on technology
  • is “old school”
    • meaning they still hand write letters and love a good fireside chat
  • ever played Wonder Woman as a child (that would be me)
    • She wore cuff bracelets, right? Well, wrist jewelry has been a throw back to my Wonder Woman days. Haha.
  • loves a good bargain, speaking of a good bargain. . .

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