Favorite Farmhouse Decor Sources

Favorite Farmhouse Decor Sources

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Finding farmhouse decor has never been more simple than it is now with my newly updated Farmhouse Source e-book!

If you’ve used my source guide before, you’ll want to go ahead and make sure you have the updated version HERE for the most accurate and up-to-date information!

What is my Source Guide?

It’s a 13-page e-book that is RICH with clickable links that take you directly to the sources for some of my favorite farmhouse decor.

I split the book up into 10 categories:

  • Number One | Bedding
  • Number Two | Containers
  • Number Three | Curtains
  • Number Four | Decor
  • Number Five | Furniture
  • Number Six | Hardware
  • Number Seven | Lighting
  • Number Eight | Rugs
  • Number Nine | Plants
  • Number Ten | Pillows & Throw Blankets

And each category has my top few sources for items within!

I’ll share an abbreviated version of the list here in this post, but the full e-book includes even more!

What about Thrifting?

You all know how much I love thrifting and buying second hand, but this e-book is actually focused on just the retail side of buying farmhouse decor!

Thrifting, Craigslist and garage sales have their moment to shine (See my list below of associated blog posts all about those topics), but for now, we’ll focus on filling gaps in our farmhouse decor via retail shopping.

Thrift/Second Hand Resources:

Let’s get started!

| Remember, for clickable links to all of the items listed below, please click HERE to access my free Source Guide. |

Number One | Bedding

For anything vintage in regards to sheets and pillowcases, my favorite source is Etsy!

They have a great selection of vintage and handmade items with beautiful detailing, crocheted edges, and more – All the dreamy vintage bedding your heart could be longing for.

For regular sheets, with middle of the road quality, I usually shop at Target and choose from either their Opal House or Threshold brands!

When I’ve wanted higher end bedding or specific pieces, I have had great luck at Pottery Barn. This is mainly for things like quilts or duvets.

And my secret tip about finding Pottery Barn items is that once I’ve found what I like, I open a new browser window and check e-bay for that specific item!

Sometimes you won’t find it, but when you do, if you fight like a shark – you can sometimes win Pottery Barn items at a fraction of their original cost.

Number Two | Containers

Ah, containers, my old friends. 🙂 There aren’t many farmhouse decor problems that well-chosen and placed containers can’t solve, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

When you’re looking for containers, I’d suggest checking Wayfair!

They have a huge selection, which honestly can at times be a little intimidating. One search for a “yellow pillow” and you’ve got 30 pages of results.

But on the other hand, that’s a great problem to have when you’re looking for a specific style. It’s better to have more to choose from than not enough!

I also really appreciate Wayfair’s return policy! I’ve found it to be one of the more generous ones out there.

I think IKEA is probably the best at returns, but Wayfair is way up there close behind.

Speaking of IKEA, they’re also a great place to check for containers of any kind! Baskets, tubs, boxes, crates, jars – you name it! They have a great selection.

My third source for containers is the aptly named The Container Store. They’re fantastic for having a wide variety, and it makes it easy to find something in the exact style you’re after to compliment your farmhouse decor.

Number Three | Curtains

My number one source for curtains is IKEA!

Not only do they have good prices and nice quality, but one of my favorite things about their curtain panels are that their standard lengths include panels over 100″ long!

I personally love the look of long panels from the ceiling down to a small puddle on the floor – so IKEA panels are just my style.

I’ve realized that Pottery Barn is a great place to get the more specific/specialty curtains like thermal curtains or black out shades.

And, because I love sewing myself, I’ll throw a quick pitch in that if you have been wanting to learn how to sew, curtains are a really great first project! Curtain panels are rectangles cut & hemmed to size – so they’re one of the most basic pieces you can practice your skills on.

For DIY curtain panels, I’d suggest Joanns or Hobby Lobby for fabric. There are online sources, but personally I prefer to shop in person so I can feel the material and see first hand the scale of the pattern and the undertones I’ll be working with.

Number Four | Decor

For seasonal decor, my favorite places to check are Joanns & Michaels! Starting a month or so before the season begins, you can usually find 2-3 aisles of dedicated seasonal decor.

It’s. Wonderful.

But the true beauty is that as the season changes, all of the past season items will usually get transferred to the clearance aisles and you can get them for an even greater value. (And who doesn’t love great values!?)

I always like to look through the seasonal sections of both of those stores.

As you do it, collect and store the things that bring you joy!

And if you happen to be a homeschool Mom like I am, you can actually sign up for Joann’s teacher and educator discount! I signed up and have it dialed in on the app on my phone so it’s ready when I check out.

For larger filler farmhouse decor pieces, I check the discount stores like Ross, TJMaxx, Tuesday Morning and Marshalls. Often you can find fun things like baskets and hat boxes. You don’t get a fun back story like you would finding those items at a yard sale, but I know not everyone cares about that when searching for new items.

Number Five | Furniture

Furniture pieces are another item I’ll shop for first at Wayfair.

Again, they boast reasonable prices and a huge selection – and those great return policies. (And those really come in handy when you’re dealing with larger furniture pieces being ordered online!)

Target often will have furniture I’m excited about, and World Market is another of my favorites to search.

World Market is actually one of my favorite stores ever to SHOP in. Walking around, seeing the unique pieces firsthand – it’s so much fun.

| Remember, for clickable links to all of the items listed below, please click HERE to access my free Source Guide. |

Number Six | Hardware

Hobby Lobby is my favorite source for hardware! But you probably knew that already if you’ve been following here for a while! The knobs and pulls aisle there is like a kid in a candy store as far as I’m concerned!

They also have great sales that they’ll rotate through monthly, so keep your eye out and make sure you buy your hardware when it’s on sale across the board!

Amazon and Home Depot are two other sources I’ve had luck finding hardware pieces from!

And one you may not have heard of before is a website called D-Lawless. They have a HUGE variety to shop from.

Number Seven | Lighting

I really like IKEA for lighting – they’ve got really neat farmhouse-esque options, and good prices.

I also love the Hampton Bay brand which I often find at Home Depot – but sometimes I’ll do a similar thing like I mentioned above with Pottery barn, and once I know which exact Hampton Bay fixture I’d like, I’ll do a search for it on Amazon and I’ll specifically select the “buying options” and choose “buy used”.

Often times with things like lights bought online you can find brand new ones that are discounted simply because their box was opened and then returned!

World Market is a great source for desk and floor lamps, specifically.

Number Eight | Rugs

Similar to how I mentioned always wanting to buy my fabric in-store, I’ve found that to be true for all textiles. I’ve had the best luck shopping for rugs when I could touch them and see them in person before buying.

I like to buy rugs from World Market, Target & Ikea.

If you’re feeling brave (haha), there are online sources for rugs. One I’ve heard good things about is Rugs USA . They often have huge flash sales, so getting on their mailing list is a good idea if you’re in the market for rugs!

Number Nine | Plants

I’ve mentioned it before, and gotten both negative and positive feedback about it – but I’ve pretty much given up on live houseplants as part of my decor in an effort to channel all my green-thumb energy into our vegetable garden.

That being said, I’m definitely in support of faux plants for farmhouse decor!

It’s the fact that they’re beautiful and lush without also being high maintenance that just gets me every time!

I get my faux plants often from IKEA, and Amazon, as well!

When you buy from IKEA and Amazon you can sometimes find full looking plants, but often if you buy from Joanns, Hobby Lobby or Michaels, you usually just buy individual stems or picks and assemble them together into your own arrangement.

| I share about how to do that here – A Beginner’s Guide to Floral Arranging |

Instead of paying about $60 for a vase of flowers, you can often get them for around $10, plus they last for years!

If you’re going to do floral arranging, I recommend buying floral foam and hot gluing it into the bottom of your vessel so that you can poke the stems and sticks in and they’ll stay arranged how you put them.

Number Ten | Pillows & Throw Blankets

IKEA once again comes in first, this time as my favorite source for pillow inserts. My favorite feather pillow from there is about $7 – you can’t beat that!

I also love checking Target, Homegoods, and Etsy!

Etsy shines when I’m looking for something specific like a ticking pattern, or a certain stamped pattern.

I hope this helps you as you’re looking for your own Farmhouse Decor!

This Source Guide has been a fun one for me to compile and update over the years, and I hope it’s a help an inspiration to you as you’re styling your own farmhouse decor!

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