Favorite Cleaning Hack for Wood Floors

Cleaning Hack Laminate by sheholdsdearly.com

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This is my favorite cleaning hack ever to date! If you have laminate, wood floors or even tile, this will be such a game changer for you. Hopefully, this will become your favorite cleaning hack for wood floors, too.

I’ve hesitated for a long time sharing this because the the exact model I have is no longer in production. But, I finally decided it was still worth talking about.

Meet Alfred my robot sweeper/mopper.

Affectionately named after Batman’s butler by my kids, he has reached almost pet status at our house!

Cleaning Hacks Tips and Tricks by sheholdsdearly.com

 We love how our little sweeper moves around each morning, beeping and cleaning the wood floors for us.

It’s funny how you start to kind of think of it as a little pet that’s going around cleaning!

Whenever you find someone who has a Roomba or iRobot product, ask them what they named it because most people name them, in our experience.

Super cute!!

If you were ever a skeptic like I was about having robots clean your house, let me assure you this is the real deal.

I remember when they came out years ago, I was super skeptical of the Roombas and iRobot products. I wanted to believe it could be true but felt like it was too good to be true.

Then I saw a lonely little sweeper robot at a garage sale last summer in pristine condition.

It was only $20. That’s over 90% off retail.

I just had to try it.

Come to find out it was my best garage sale score of the summer 2019.

 This is not a sponsored post, this is just my experience that I am passing on in the hopes that it will make your life easier.

Cleaning Hack by sheholdsdearly.com

My sweeper is made by Mint, which was bought out by iRobot.

This model is comparable to the Braava 380t.

You can find them used on eBay or Craigslist which might be a good way to kind of sample what life is like to have these cleaning your house.

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

Amazon has the Braava 380t. and the iRobot website sells them for $300, but they also offer monthly payments.

Truth be told, my dream would be to hire a house cleaner every week.

Since that is not in the budget right now, these kinds of ideas are the next best option.

Even though they have a one time initial cost, it doesn’t even come close to what it would cost me to hire a house cleaner.

So that’s one way you can look at it this.

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As kind of a middle ground and it does give you some very real relief from all the cleaning that you are responsible for.

When I found this at the garage sale, my thought was that I would try it in our upstairs bedroom.

We were getting so frustrated with the maintenance of the floor! This room especially bothers me because any dirt that gets on your feet ends up in your bed sheets and it just a huge pain!

I was always cleaning, it was time to find something that wasn’t going to take me 20 minutes a day to maintain.

I have lots of home habits (I like to call them) and tricks cleaning my house but this is by far my favorite cleaning hack for wood floors!

Cleaning Hack Floors by sheholdsdearly.com

Mine came with a navigation cube that I had to put a battery in.

This little cube is wireless, you just set it anywhere in the room and it acts as a GPS for the sweeper/mop. It helps direct the robot back-and-forth and as the sweeper is cleaning, it will bump into legs of furniture, back up and then go around things.

It’s amazing how close it gets to the edges of the furniture. The nicer models are controlled by an app on your phone. The sweeper itself comes with a charging cord and a removable magnetic paddle that you put the pads on.

Watch the video to see it in action and to see all the parts I’m talking about.

Alred came with two microfiber cloths and then a mop pad.

However, I was getting tired of rinsing out the microfiber pads every day and decided to go with something disposable.

I tried the Swiffer sweeper dry cloths and they worked like a charm!

You wouldn’t think this would work.

I totally expected it to just push dirt around and then eventually get such a big pile that it would just start dispersing the dirt again.

But the cloths really do a excellent job. The texture of the cloths grab dirt, hair and even little rocks and does a really good job getting them off the floor and into the garbage can.

Swiffer does make a more fluffy pad that is crazy awesome at getting dirt, dust, crumbs, fur, etc off floors. But they were a little bit more expensive than I wanted to deal with, so I went with the cheaper option.

To use, you just hook the sides of the cloth into the magnetic paddle and stick it back on the sweeper.

You set it at the end of the room and hit the go button and it takes off.

It’s so self monitoring that you actually could just leave the house, it would finish in about 45 minutes and then park it’s self back where it started and be done.

Then when you get home or back into the room, you just switch out the pad. It’s so simple.

Cleaning Hack Wood Floors by sheholdsdearly.com

There is a another mop which actually sprays water and then go back-and-forth to mop the floor.

The one I have only has the mopping pad which looks like a terry cloth. You get it wet and then it just wipes down the floor.

I don’t do it very often, I don’t feel like it’s necessary. I do the sweeper mode every day and then maybe mop once a month.

If it were a kitchen, I would be mopping a lot more but because it’s a bedroom, the floor just doesn’t really get as dirty.

So, there you have it. The next best thing to a house keeper!

Have you tried robot cleaner yet? What other cleaning hacks do you love??

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Favorite Cleaning Hack for Wood Floors by sheholdsdearly.com