Do Produce Saving Bags Really Work?

Do Produce Saving Bags Really Work?

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One of the things that saves me time is to do my grocery shopping once a month. I have been doing this since my third baby came along and probably will do it even after the kids are all gone.

The number one question I get when I tell people about this is – “What about the produce??????”

And that, my dear, is an excellent question.

The short answer is that my monthly menu is designed to use up the fresh produce first, then we move onto the preserved produce, i.e. canned, frozen and dried.  I released my entire meal planning/ shopping method in a course called “Meals Made Easy” – you can purchase it here

This works well, but I am always open to produce saving hacks when I learn of them.

Produce saving bags are something that has intrigued me for quite some time, but admittedly, I have been skeptical, as well.

So, of course, I had to run my own testing to know for sure.  I thought you would like to know my findings.  I chose four bags off Amazon and compared them against my usual method of storage- the grocery store plastic bags.  After sixteen days I had formed some pretty strong opinions!

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Do Produce Saving Bags Really Work?

Produce Storage Hacks by

Here are the five storage options I used. . .

I decided to try some produce that I generally struggle with . . .

  • Salad greens
  • Strawberries
  • Asparagus
  • Zucchini
  • Cilantro

I checked everything on Day 5 and Day 16 . . .

Watch this video to see the process in action!

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In Conclusion

After a couple weeks of running back and forth with all my bags and tossing bad produce to the chickens and rabbits, I have decided on these three things:

I will definitely be purchasing the two bags listed above in the future. What other produce saving tips do you know?  I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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Click on the image below to . . .

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  1. August 23, 2018 / 2:26 PM

    The simplest thing that i have found for asparagus, and it really keeps a long time! is putting them cut stem down in a glass of water in the frig. Cover loosely with a plastic bag. I think it works for cilantro and parsley too, but for sure asparagus!

    • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
      September 3, 2018 / 6:06 PM

      This is amazing! I’m totally going to try it! Thank you so much.

  2. Jennifer
    August 23, 2018 / 11:19 PM

    We are near a strawberry farm and they recommend putting them stem side down in a single layer not touching each other. For cucumbers and zucchini or squash I have found rolling each one in a paper towel before putting them in the bag helps to keep them from getting slimey. I have also put a papertowel in with my lettuce to help absorb a lot of the moisture which is what seems to make it wilt up and get that same slime on it.

    • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
      September 3, 2018 / 6:08 PM

      I love these ideas, Jennifer, thank you for sharing these!

  3. Tina
    August 25, 2018 / 1:53 PM

    I remove the core from my iceberg lettuce by whacking it straight down on the counter, then giving it a little twist on the bottom. The whole core should come right out in your hand. I then wash the whole head and drain it. I discard any brown or damaged outer area. I pull the leaves apart and dry them with a clean towel just real quickly. Then I layer the leaves in a gallon size Ziploc bag with a clean white paper towel on the top and bottom of the lettuce layers. I zip it up and store it in the fridge. My lettuce is always clean, fresh, and crisp for sometimes up to 2 weeks! So easy to zip open the bag and grab a leaf for a sandwich! Or, you can grab a handful or two to make a quick salad.

    Target stores have some containers that are specifically designed to keep produce fresher longer. They are quite pricey, so I have not invested in any yet. Maybe you could test out some of those and let us know in the future. I plan to try them soon, but have not done so yet. I was waiting on them to perhaps go on sale, LOL! 🙂

    • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
      September 3, 2018 / 6:10 PM

      Yes, your lettuce method makes a lot of sense! So smart. You are the third person to tell me about the Target containers, apparently, people swear by them!

  4. August 27, 2018 / 11:28 AM

    I use the Tupperware FridgeSmart Containers and they have helped a lot. They were developed after a study done with top food scientist at the University of Florida where they categorized different produced into different types of breathers and tested ways to allow them to get the oxygen they require in the best environment to prolong freshness. I wrote a post about it and created a free printable food storage chart to go with it.
    Your post was very informative. I didn’t know about those storage bags. I would like to try some of them. They would fit nicely in my produce drawer at the bottom of my refrigerator.

    • Sarah | She Holds Dearly
      September 3, 2018 / 6:11 PM

      Thank you,Laura, you are always a wealth of information! I hope you and your family doing well.

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