Design Studio Plans in an Attic Space

Design Studio Plans in an Attic Space

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Are you looking for ideas to update your attic space? Follow along as I share plans for an attic space design studio!

Back in my Styling Thrifted Finds post in April I shared that we had hit 50,000 subscribers over on my YouTube channel and I held a giveaway for another fun virtual design consultation with 1 winner!

If you’re new to the idea of these virtual design consultations, you can read back to see where I did a consultation in January for a Living Room Makeover Reveal and another in February for an Industrial Kitchen Renovation (both celebrating our previous 40k mark on YouTube.)

This time around, I got to work with Michele Slaughter on design studio plans for their currently unfinished office space!

As part of the consultation, I got to do a 1 hour zoom call with Michele to learn a little more about her, her family, and her space.

If I remember correctly, she said their home was originally built in 1910. Her husband is a builder and they’ve spent the last 13 years renovating (boy, do we know what’s like here!!) and adding on to get to where they are now with almost 3,000 square feet of living space.

Their plans have been on hold for the past few years due to some health issues and family priorities, but they’re ready to jump back in now and are hoping to finish their plans by this summer. Michele will be switching from her current career into a fulltime work from home position as a graphic designer next month, and this attic space will be her design studio!

Michele’s Attic Space:

After getting caught up a little on Michele’s life & family, we got started talking about her space! I always think it’s important to understand the bones of the room, review pros and cons, and get a feel for what the space will be used for.

The stairs leading up to this attic space begin in the living room and enter right into this space with 12′ high ceilings with a gorgeous beam spanning the length.

The room itself is approximately 10×26′, which is not too different than the Church Nursing Room I designed earlier this month! On one side she has a huge blank wall with just an AC unit to work around.

On the flipside is the exterior wall with two dormers and three storages spaces (one of which is very skinny).

Pros & Cons of the Space:

Some of the pros Michele identified are that the space has great light, and that it’s an interesting (albiet somewhat confusing space) with the dormers and storage areas. The biggest con she mentioned was the different angles and ceiling height and not knowing how to work around those.

I also got to review her Pinterest board which gives me a great peak into the design elements that bring her joy for this space.

Some of the things that stood out to me in her Pinterest board as reoccurring themes were:

  • Free standing desks
  • Chandeliers
  • Gold Chair (which she has already, it was a $25 goodwill find from a few years back that she used to photograph her new grandson, and something she’s heavily inspired by in this space!)
  • Built ins
  • Board & Batten
  • Curtains
  • Window Seats
  • Gallery Walls

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My Plans for Michele’s Attic Space:

And now, the fun part! Let’s dive in to what my suggestions are for Michele’s space! My goal with these consultations and design plans is to help answer big questions and get her started off in the right direction!

The first thing I wanted to address is the AC unit. Michele wanted ideas to disguise it so that it didn’t stick out so much, and I think the best way to do that would be to simply paint the exterior the same color as the wall. They live in Florida, where an AC unit in an attic space would be VERY necessary, so instead of bending over backwards to hide it, I think just camouflaging it easily with paint would be the best course of action. And that frees up time to spend focusing on the other great elements that will be going on in the room itself!

For the large main wall, I suggested that Michele use her cricut machine to create a large scale reproduction of her logo.

She had an idea to create a 3D version of the flower in her logo which is a nod to her Mother who loved roses.

3D floral inspiration from Mio Gallery

I think that’s an amazing idea, and will create a really lovely focal point, while also being so meaningful!

She already has two of these wooden chandeliers picked out, and I think they would look lovely hanging from the large wooden beam.

Along the back wall I would put two of these basic work tables on wheels so that they could be stored flat along the wall when not in use, or pulled together if she needed a larger work surface.

Above these work tables I’d add gallery walls to showcase some of Michele’s photography.

In the middle, and slightly in front of these work tables I’d position Michele’s desk with her gold chair behind it.

It’s especially nice that she already has these two pieces ready to go!

I would add a yellow rug beneath the desk as well to pull in the yellow from the logo and the chair onto a third plane.

Here’s a look at the full mood board for the large blank wall.

Then for the back wall across from the stairs and doorway, I would add built in shelving, painted in a shade of green that Michele loves, something similar to Sherwin Williams’ Urbane bronze which is a lovely grey green.

Then I’d add a pretty chair like this pink one, and possibly a lovely window treatment.

While the main wall with the logo will be the true focal point of the room, I always think it’s important to have a focal point for the eye to be drawn to across from the doorway as well, and I think this set up will do just that.

On the wall opposite, I would match the color and texture of the built in book cases with board and batten painted in the same shade.

Credit: Marly Dice

Now, for the wall with all the character!

I have two suggestions for the skinny storage cabinet before the first dormer, and that would be to finish it as built in cubbies that could be used for storing things like wrapping paper or packing supplies.


Closing off the front of the storage access, and instead opening up the side to create a small built in book shelf for the first dormer.

In that first dormer, I would suggest a built in window seat that would be great for photography and reading.

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In the second storage area, I’d close it off with a really stunning curtain that makes a good statement piece in both design and color.

Something like this yellow and black floral, or this pink floral.

In the second dormer I’d create a simple space for sewing with a desk, more built in storage and a pretty lamp.

Design Credit to Four Chairs Furniture, Shared by House of Turquoise

For the final storage area I would leave it open and fill it out with some more built ins, with something like file cabinet drawers to organize her business. And possibly a wheeled cart to store her cricut when not in use.

This home office makeover by my friend Cami Tidbits makes that spot easy to picture!

And here’s the design board for that entire wall.

And that is my design studio plan for Michele’s attic space! I hope this serves as an inspiration for both Michele and for You!

If you’re wanting to create similar plans like this for a space of your own, I highly suggest using the Ballard Designs Free Room Planner to create floor plans, and my Design Board video if you’re wanting to create mood boards of your own!

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