Children’s Chore Chart Printables

Children's Chore Chart Printables

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In celebration of the new school year, I am giving away my customizable children’s chore chart printables.

Whew, say that ten times fast!

My favorite way to get back on track after the craziness of summer is a good schedule and chore charts for the kids, much to their chagrin.

Its a tough job, but somebody’s got to it, right, moms?

I am often asked by friends to email them the chore chart I made for my kids, so here is the printable version of my children’s chore chart as a little end of summer gift to you.

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Actually, this girl has loved children’s chore charts from the beginning and not just for the school year, how about every day, all day?!

When my kiddos were little, say under the age of five, we used the Choreganizers kit.

They could earn “mom money” and “dad dollars” during the week and then on Sunday, I would set up the Chore Store. This was just a collection of any tiny treats or toys that I had come across that they would enjoy. Sometimes I would find things from the Dollar Tree or a garage sale and put those in there.

Everyone would get a little basket and come shop my store, we even had the check out counter on the coffee table with a cash register (my adding machine) and shopping bags. They learned how to converse with a checker and still to this day, follow the same etiquette they practiced at the Chore Store.

Eventually, their first chore charts fell apart and I made them this one for about $15.

Children's Chore Chart Printables

It is just a board with hooks on it, I nailed trim around the edges to finish it. The picture frames are from the Dollar Tree and are hot glued into place. After I painted everything and added the words, I designed some simple cards with vintage pics to represent each chore and then laminated them. Once each chore was accomplished the card was moved from the To Do hook to the Done hook.

Children's Chore Chart Printables

(Click the button below for a copy of all my vintage chore cards and customizable checklist.)

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Once, everyone in the house was reading well enough, we moved to our current set up at the bottom of the stairs.

Children's Chore Chart Printables

This one is a simple table I made in pages that can easily adjusted and reprinted, as needed.

Children's Chore Chart Printables

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Children's Chore Chart Printables

The best part to me is how aesthetically pleasing it is. Always a must in my house!

The frames were the cheapest 8×10 frames I could find at Walmart. After spray painting them gold and adding the printed chore chart, the glass became the perfect surface for dry erase pens!

Children's Chore Chart Printables

Here are my favorite dry erase pens.

I found that sweet little wall hanger at a rummage sale for a $1 and it is the happily holding pens and the eraser all day long.

Click on the button below to receive your copies, if you haven’t already.

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Also, here is a link for some age appropriate chore ideas.

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