Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor on Amazon

Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor on Amazon

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Best Farmhouse Christmas Decor on Amazon

I know plenty of people wait to delve into the world of Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving and I saw several families putting up their trees last night on Instagram.  Our family use to be more like that, until the blog required that I get a head start each year.   Now my kids are either confused about what month we are in or are twirling around in a winter wonderland before Halloween even hits.

Awwww, every family has their story, don’t they?

Anyway, my Black Friday looks more like a cup of tea and surfing the web from the comfort of my own couch than standing in line at 5am.  And since Christmas decor has been on my mind for weeks already, I thought you might like a quick, little curated collection of Christmas decor from Amazon.  No need to leave the house today, and everything has that vintage sweetness to it that we love so much!

Some of my favorite trends this year include garlands, vintage containers and printed pillows.

  • Decorating trees and mantles with garlands goes much faster than the traditional ornaments and sweeping motion gives some a dreamy look.
  • Propping up trees and branches or firewood in vintage containers gives a unique potted feel and is easier than trees stands and tree skirts.
  • Switching out pillow covers might be my favorite way keep up with the changing seasons.  Don’t even buy the pillow inserts, just keep using the same ones you have an change the covers.  The ones shown in today’s post have really cute backs as well, so you could show either side.

Have fun checking out these beautiful pieces and enjoy making your home a cozy place this time of year!


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