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My Story

My name is Sarah. Born to a cattle farmer /small businessman and a music teacher, I have always lived at the base of one mountain or another. For as long as I can remember I have been decorating and designing. My childhood bedroom was my blank canvas and every square inch was meticulously thought through. I could not wait to have an entire home to myself to decorate. I remember thinking it was perfectly normal for a sixth grade girl to have her future house fully designed right down to the bathroom towels, until my peers gave me a blank stare when I asked them to describe their dream house.

There was pre-med in college, which led to a blind date, which brought me to a man God knew I needed.  We were married in less than a year. It was he, who reminded me of my love for decor and design, suggesting I switch my degree to something that flowed from my very soul.

After graduating from the London Guildhall University with a degree in interior design, I worked in the industry until I had three babies to look after. It was about this time that we decided to purchase a 1906 farmhouse on some farmland and my country living roots were revived. Open fields and wind in the trees have always been a part of me and the desire to push back against the noise and pressures of our current age is something that I consciously pursue. All of these things influence my current decorating style of the vintage, farmhouse and an increasingly minimalist look.  You are welcome to take our farmhouse tour.

During the years I was taking clients, something began to dawn on me.  I realized that the group of women I really wanted to work with was the group that would never hire an interior designer.  They wanted to decorate their own homes and not just every few years!

But, they struggled with confidence and skills- that is where I come in. She Holds Dearly is where I get to share my professional design advice with the DIY home owners and get to see them empowered and proud of what they have accomplished in their homes.

This has become one my greatest joys in life.

I Believe

little details make all the difference

growing old is a privilege denied to many

a home is much, much more than the furniture and colors


I Love

historic neighborhoods

peonies, lilacs and hydrangeas

berries for breakfast


the smell of a beehive

clean floors and kitchen counters


soaks in a claw foot tub

jersey cows

wood fires

homemade bread

waking up to a rooster crowing

handwritten thank you notes

cooking with fresh herbs

being home with my family

Jesus and my resting place in His amazing grace

 A comprehensive course intentional living and time management

After surviving Leukemia as a child, intentional living and time management became passions of mine.

Currently, my days are filled to overflowing with home restoration, homeschool, gardening and farm life. Oh, and this blog which takes 30 hours a week to manage, but brings trememdous joy to my days.

My desire for a peaceful, focused and efficient life while juggling all of the above commitments led me to create on online course sharing my strategies and systems.

In the 24 self paced classes I go in depth on

  • why most schedules and planners are not very effective
  • how to decide what your life priorities are
  • eliminating clutter in your home, relationships and schedule
  • simplifying meals, wardrobes, shopping, holidays, vacations, etc.

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“My goal is to create a life I don’t need a vacation from.”


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