21 Finds from IKEA for 2021

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

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Have you been wondering what kind of finds you can get from IKEA right now? Well I’m answering the burning question in today’s post!

It’s been a little while since I’ve been to IKEA, and about a year since I made the last post about them, so I figured the beginning of 2021 was a great time to revisit them.

I love an opportunity to shop and see what new farmhouse and vintage style items I can find from IKEA!

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve collected 21 of my favorite finds for 2021.

First things first, though – A few notes about the IKEA shopping experience, because it’s really unlike any other retail store! These are my best tips for making it successful and enjoyable.

The store is laid out in three main sections:

  • The Showroom (which at our store takes up the entire upstairs level). This is the place to go to get excited and inspired about the products!
  • The Marketplace (part of the downstairs/ground floor level) – this is where you can pick out your smaller items.
  • The Warehouse (also downstairs – closest to the registers and store exit) – This is where you can pick up your flat pack furniture items.

The showroom and marketplace are both set up in seemingly never-ending winding paths that if followed, take you through ALL of their merchandise (really smart on their part, right?).

If you’re going for the first time, I’d say take it all in and follow the marks on the floor for the full experience. If you’re going back again and know what you want, you can use some shortcuts they’ve built into the store to get in and out more quickly (but really, who wants to do this… there’s so much good stuff to see!)

Tip Number One | Bring your own bags for checkout.

They sell really large blue plastic bags and have some available for use while shopping, but if you know you’re going to get smaller items and don’t want to buy new bags when you’re there, make sure to bring your own!

Tip Number Two | Bring Water

I know it seems kind of silly, because it’s not like this is a strenuous hike or anything, but after 3 hours (that’s about how long it takes me to walk through if I want to see everything and enjoy it), you’ll be glad you have some water handy!

Tip Number Three | Don’t forget to have fun

Riding the escalator like Elf is becoming one of our time-honored IKEA traditions.

Tip Number Four | Visit the “as-is” section

This is a small section tucked off to the side between the warehouse and the registers and it’s where they put all their returns and “scratch and dent” pieces that have been heavily discounted and are already assembled. (That’s a big deal for any of you who aren’t a fan of flat pack furniture!)

I’ve found some really neat stuff in there before, for a great price!

Tip Number Five | Plan on grabbing food on your way out.

Because of current restrictions, the actual restaurant is closed, but they have a little bistro after the registers before you head out the doors. We grabbed dinner there after our all day trip.

I got a veggie hotdog for $0.75! You read that right! And it was actually really delicious! Do yourself a favor and get 1-2, a whole meal for less than $2. Yum.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

I found out recently that they only ship online orders if you live within 60 miles of an IKEA location. Bummer, right!

And more sad is that due to current limitations and things being lower on inventory, sometimes they even don’t ship within those 60 miles! We’re within that distance from our local store, but they’re not shipping at this time.

I’m still going to link all my 21 favorite finds from IKEA here, with the hopes that your closest store might allow for shipping, even if you’re not able to make an in-store trip.

I also have to say, I am really excited that I get to just type the names of all these products! I just finished recording the YouTube video for this week, and boy, when you don’t know the language, some of these names are a mouthful!

I’m sure I accidentally did quite a number on some of the pronunciations. (I’m sorry in advance if any of my readers/followers there speak Swedish!)

Phew! Let’s get started on this list!

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

21 Finds from Ikea for 2021:

Number One | LERBODA Frames

I just love these simple, beautiful and vintage floating frames. The glass is surrounded by delicate gold or black frames, and they come in two different sizes.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Two | MANSTRUP Distressed Rug

This rug caught my eye from across the showroom! It’s got lovely distressing, and in a grey color that I think would be great at hiding dirt! (And who doesn’t need that at one time or another?)

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Three | HEMNES Dresser Series

This dresser comes in a few different sizes and styles within the series, but the one I saw and really loved was the “dark grey stained” color! It looks like a really light color wash, similar to how I black washed my dresser, but even lighter with even more wood grain coming through.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Four | VALDOFT Candles

These are the best! I’ve got a little collection going already at home, but they come in the cutest colors, and even once the original candle burns down, I clean out the glass container and continue using them as votive candle holders.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Five | FARLOV Couch & Slipcovers

This is actually the same couch that I have in my house now, and we’ve loved it for years! I have the white slipcover, but they also have really luxurious velvet options in pretty colors like navy, forest green and mustard yellow.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Six | Artificial Flowers

This includes a few different types, the FEJKA which are potted faux plants, and the SMYCKA which are individual stems, bouquets and garlands.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, IKEA has great quality faux plants! I’m really impressed with how legitimate they look, and I use them all over in my decorating.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Seven | INGATORP Desk

This one has showed up in a previous IKEA post I did, but it deserves a spot here again because each time I see it I just like it even more! It’s classic and tiny, and the little drop leaves on both sides are just perfection.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Eight | MALSJO Furniture Line

This is another line that has been around a while, but I still enjoy it each time I see it! It’s well made, and I just love the hardware they include! The picture doesn’t even do it justice.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Nine | FABRIKOR Glass Cabinets

These might feel a little surprising because they give off a sure fire retro vibe from the 40s, 50s or 60s, but I love it!

All of the glass is lovely, and I think it’s so unique that they made almost a medicine or curio cabinet, but with an industrial feel.

Either way, I could definitely see myself incorporating this in even an old world vintage look seamlessly.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Ten| VINTER 2020

This is their 2020 Winter/Christmas line, but it was still up when I went, and on my goodness, do yourself a favor and check out some of the items they included.

So Many Good Finds!

Like a $20 sparse Scandinavian look tree that’s 59″ tall! I can see myself getting a few of those for next year.

They have beautiful wrapping papers, containers, dishes, and decor!

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com
Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Eleven | LOMMARP Console

This cream console is another of the more classic pieces that I see sticking around year after year at IKEA. It’s a great size, lovely color, beautiful detailing, and gold hardware that I love.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Twelve | PJATTERYD Map

This dark wall map is a solid classic that would be great in an older kid’s room, or even in a playroom if done correctly!

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Thirteen | DVALA Sheet Set

This is one of the cutest finds from this trip to IKEA, these sheets were the most beautiful shade of muted pink, almost a soft mauve. And they had ruffles on the pillowcase. So so cute and perfect for a little girls room!

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Fourteen | Artwork

I’m being really general here and lumping all of their artwork together, because there are so many good pieces! I’d absolutely recommend checking them out.

I noticed some Rembrandt style paintings, some neat black and white nature sketches, and everything is inexpensive and well done.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Fifteen | KALLNA Drinking Glasses

I’d say IKEA has a strong drinking glass game!

These plain KALLNA cups are what we use at home, but they also have them in cute colors if those are more your style!

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Sixteen | SALLSKAPLIG Glassware

And if you like a more sophisticated and fancier style glass, this is the one for you! These have lovely etching that really elevate the style.
I’d say these certainly have a more vintage and French feel than farmhouse.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Seventeen | Throw Blankets

The throw blankets are something I always expect to be able to include in my finds from IKEA.

I don’t love all of them, but there are usually a handful of different ones that I’m seriously eyeing whenever we go!

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Eighteen | Rugs

Similar to the artwork and throw blankets, you really owe it to yourself to check out the rugs whenever you’re at IKEA. You never know what you will find!

My Favorite this time around was the VONSBAK. It has beautiful distressing, and lovely navy and hunger green colors. Yes, please!

It also should be stated that I’m a big advocate of buying rugs in person. Buying them online just isn’t the same, and returns are often pretty difficult.

The four places I’ll always check for rugs first are:

  • IKEA
  • Target
  • World Market
  • Costco

Usually within those 4 I find something I love that works for the space I need it in!

Number Nineteen | SNIDAD Baskets

Oh these cute baskets! I love the idea of using them in the laundry room! The quality is amazing and I think they would last for a long time.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Twenty | MOPPE Storage Chest

I love this little storage chest for your smaller organizational needs! There are some really cute ideas on Pinterest to paint and stain this same cabinet and add fun hardware to change it to fit your style.

Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

Number Twenty-One | Lighting

This is the last of my designated stops at IKEA whenever I’m there. Again, like with the rugs, I don’t love everything single thing they have there, but overall they do have some great options!

My current three favorites:

  • SOLSKUR lighting like this adorable table lamp that looks like a cloche.
  • ARSTID sconces which would be really cute as bedside table lamps.
  • OVABY pendant light that is just perfectly vintage and farmhouse.
Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com
Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com
Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com

And that’s it! This years 21 Finds from IKEA! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list and found some inspiration for some of your 2021 projects and decorating decisions!

If you’d like even more resources for Farmhouse Decor:

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Finds From Ikea for 2021 by sheholdsdearly.com


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