10 Ways to Stay Peaceful at Home While Under Stress

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Staying peaceful, especially in times of great uncertainty and stress can be difficult. But it’s not impossible!

When you’re having trouble finding the positive in a situation or seeing a hopeful outcome at the end, it’s good to have a list of things you can dive into to reset and ease your mind.

I pulled this list out of my own personal experiences, by re-reading some of my journals from 2008-2012. That season was a very dark part of my life when my husband and I lost our painting company.

We lived through a season of true financial hardship, living well below the poverty line, and had to work through both exhaustion and despair.

This list below is made up of tried and true practical things I was able to do to help return my heart and mind to peace and beauty, even amidst the struggle.

I truly hope you can glean things from this list that can do the same for you if you’re feeling discouraged, or while you’re staying at home in this season.

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Number One | Go out and Garden

I found that being able to get outside, be among nature, feel the sun, and hear the animals was such a sweet way to catch my breath from the stress of the day.

When we were first married my husband was deployed with the military for 9 months. I remember, even in our little 500 sq ft apartment that my container garden on our patio was a way to refocus on the good in life!

Having tiny new life grow and flourish because of the care I gave it was invigorating.

Even if you have a small place, or limited outdoor space, find a way to grow something! Even if it’s just one small pot on a balcony or window-sill.

If this is your first foray into gardening, pick something you absolutely love and grow that!

  • Your favorite vegetable
  • A herb you enjoy while cooking
  • A favorite flower in a color that brings joy

I love getting my seeds online from the Territorial Seed Company, which is even more advantageous in this time!

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Number Two | Bring Nature Inside

This relates so well with #1, but is even easier to accomplish, especially for those of you with limited outdoor space.

Bringing nature inside, whether that is a small potted indoor plant, or a bunch of fresh cut flowers, or even beautiful segments from a tree branch can again serve as a way to bring life into a home!

Staying peaceful can also be as simple as opening windows! Let natural light and sun stream in whenever possible, and when the weather permits, open the windows themselves for the breeze!

Having your windows open is not only a literal breath of fresh air, but it also helps freshen the things inside your home and makes everything smell better!

There’s a reason there are so many popular “fresh air” candles in the aisles of every Walmart and Hobby Lobby, but nothing beats the real thing.

Let that air in whenever you can!

Number Three | Spend your time catching up on your Deep Cleaning!

We all have those mental (or even written down) lists of “things we’d do if we had the time”… well now we have the time! Spend your free time whittling down those “to-do” lists inside and around your home.

This is an especially good time to do those things that feel too lengthy or involved to start most other times.

I’m not just talking about scrubbing appliances and mopping the floor under big furniture pieces (although those are great ideas, too), but the less common things like:

  • Cleaning out your email inbox
  • Organizing your photographs
  • Mending all the things in your mending pile (if you sew; if not, youtube!)
  • Cleaning up your budgets and finances
  • Plus more common deep-cleaning like scrubbing your garbage cans.
  • Repairs around your home
  • Decluttering

Did you know I have an entire 10 week plan to fully declutter your home?

You can access it HERE! This plan is based on the KonMari method, but simplified and quicker to be done in just 10 weeks!

Number Four | Exercise / Get Active

Science and the medical community have proven that increasing your exercise and activity increase your overall health! Thank you, endorphins!

For some of us, that looks like planned, coordinated exercise following plans like my favorite: Beach Body‘s online program. (They’re even running a temporary 2 week free trial right now to help people who are at home and not able to get to their regularly scheduled work outs.)

I know that some people aren’t wired, or at times just plain aren’t able to do those types of programs, but an increase of movement and activity can still help you stay peaceful!

Look around at your daily routines and find the ways you can add movement and activity to the things you already do!

Number Five | Spend time in prayer, worshipping, reading the Bible and journaling.

I can’t recommend these things enough when thinking about how to help others stay peaceful in times of stress and confusion.

Taking the time to deal with and heal heart issues is a wonderful way to spend our extra moments that we’ve found ourselves with these days.

Things like fear and despair don’t leave on their own, and when they get hold and take root, they can feel paralyzing and overwhelming.

Being able to focus on truth and God’s goodness, even amidst these trials can be so encouraging and uplifting.

My favorite devotional is My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. It’s broken down into daily segments that are truly powerful and help me push the reset button each day.

My favorite amplified bible is the Everyday Life Bible.

When I was journaling through part of that really rough and dark season of life, I found Ann Voskamp’s book, 1000 Gifts so encouraging! The idea of journaling with a focus on a thankful heart can really help you stay peaceful.

Number Six | Catch up on Sleep

This might mean turning in to bed a little early, or waking up a little later, or for some people like me, this might mean a 20 minute power nap during the day.

I’ve noticed that sometimes if my brain is feeling foggy or un-productive, a 20 minute nap can give me the boost I need to finish the project or task set before me!

When I was a child and having a rough time in the evening my dad would say: “Go to bed, and your problem will feel smaller in the morning!“.

How true that has been through even my adult life! I know there are times where my husband I just agree to pause things going on and revisit them in the morning with more clear heads!

Sleep can be such a good way to reset and heal our bodies and emotional health!

Number Seven | Make a cup of Tea

This is especially helpful in a house-hold with 3 teenage daughters. There are not many things we can’t talk through over the time it takes to steep and enjoy a fresh cup of tea.

In most cases it helps us regroup, and feel ready to go on!

Our current favorite tea is the Market Spice Tea from Pike’s Place!

Number Eight | Read

Pull out that stack of books you’ve been wanting to read if you have some on hand!

Or if you’re looking for new material, try checking with your library’s e-service to find their selection of e-books and audio books!

Or of course there’s always amazon delivery if there’s a new title specifically you’re excited about!

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Number Nine | Laugh

It seems simple, but finding things that make you laugh has such benefit to your mood and emotional health!

That can be things like memes on instagram, shows you love on Netflix, or playing board games with your family!

Our family has currently been loving the game Chameleon if you’re looking for a new one to try.

Number Ten | Create, Decorate & DIY

Saved the best for last, OK, well maybe not the best – but one of my favorites, for sure!

Using your skills and talents (and learning/perfecting new ones) to make your home a place you enjoy spending your time is an invaluable process.

There are so many ways to pick up new projects! YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs! Just remember to enjoy the process as much as the final result!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 10 things to help you stay peaceful in this current season of life!

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